Friday, August 31, 2007

Today Carnivale saw a bit of drama O.o some pirates got a little too rowdy, started attacking customers and put up a couple of absolutely enormous megaprims on Lady Mask with really disgusting pictures on them. I was out to dinner at the time, but the marvelous and heroic Candy handled them calmly, told them to leave, and then documented the whole thing extremely thoroughly so I was able to ban the lot of them. If any of them are reading this... well you're welcome to IM me and see if I can be swayed, but you've been very naughty.

I've been working steadily (with interludes, but at least remembering to go back) on jewelry for the Jewelry Exposition. I have the revised Entranced and Gothica all set and ready to go, along with five new designs (so far). I think this is the first time I've ever delayed a release that I'd finished for a big date! Ooo feels cool! I still would like to complete an auction piece for the American Red Cross... one of the big events of the expo will be a charity auction of limited or exclusive jewelry pieces donated by designers. The theme is celestial, so I just have to get inspired (starry eyed?).

I had a fun idea, brought on by Mourna Biziou, that I should create "signature" pieces (she said "T-shirt", I heard "jewelry") similar to what Jackal Ennui and Alienbear Gupte have out as freebies. I've also had the most wonderful idea for a jewelry demo thing... and lol it's almost worth the trouble of doing demos for the necklaces because it's darn hilarious. Well, endearing anyway. Ok, chuckle-inducing. But it would be so much trouble >.<

I also joined Second Citizen (also Mourna's fault). It's an offsite Second Life community with forums and... forums. Oh, and they also have forums. I was a little distrustful, since I'd only ever seen drama there, and I have an aversion to forums in general. (Nrrr they're gonna hurt me o.o) but I did my "welcome to Second Citizen thing" and people actually knew me!!!! That was cool O.O and surprising!! and awesome! Omgosh I'm fa-moose!!

Lol why are you guys reading this? XD Hoping for yummies? Ok ok ok ok here's a preview:

I'm gonna maaake...

Oh wait... I already maaade...

Jolly Roger jewelry. Oh hell yeah.

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