Thursday, August 23, 2007

Real life has been stealing me away, and basically only leaving a few moments to log on and check my IM's and then zip.

I got an IM recently though, that was asking about where the Blazing Crown of the Empress Phoenix went, and I was reminded of something I didn't catch myself doing. I seem to have a bad habit, that when I remodel I wordlessly shed some of my "worst pieces". These are the things that I've found progressively inferior to my current abilities. So when I start editing my store, moving things around, making space for the new items, sometimes I'll take a vending object to inventory and just never be motivated to put it back out. To tell the truth, with the exception of a couple of the creature masks, I think every one of my pre-sculpted masks should be redone and revisited and revised, if not completely scrapped. I still do think that the death set kicks major patootie, but I'm seeing now that my prices (1175?) are ridiculously high.

I'd like to retire the skull things for review, and re-release them for October with sculpted prims, new textures and revised designs. I'd also like to retire about 70% of the old Illusions vendor as well, but I think I'll wait until my mask inventory has been padded more by more sculpted pieces.

So, to celebrate the opening of the new building, and the future revision of the skull thingamies, I've decided to have my first retirement sale ever! I'm going to be placing the skull vendor out front, and everything in it will be....

Drum roll please...


The sale, I've just randomly decided, will begin sometime Friday (I'll announce it to the group) and end midnight on the evening of Sunday. So it will run the weekend, and after that the skull vendor will be deleted and you won't see skulliness until October! Tomorrow will also be the day that the old building dissapates into the misty air of Carnivale, and the new store descends from the sky. Sounds like some sort of fantasy movie.

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