Saturday, August 18, 2007

One of my current projects is getting ready for Jewelry Exposition 2007. Some folks might have noticed that I took my old jewelry designs off of the wall... I found them very long overdue for an overhaul and high time for some updating. Even when I put them into the new vendor, I didn't do the touch ups that I wanted to (positioning, making sure the textures were centered, suitable root prims etc), and when I did they were a very first attempt at using Miriel's lovely vendors. So the end result was something sloppy and inefficient, which I simply couldn't bear seeing any longer.

I've been working on some new designs that will be absolutely delightful, loosely based on the pins that I made for the Goth Cowboy hat. You can also look forward to another rendition of a rose necklace, this time in metal and with some fun detailing.

Jewelry Exposition 2007 will be starting September 15th, and will be running the whole week until September 22nd. I'll let you know more about my stall location when we end up setting up everything, but as for now, this is pretty much all I know! I hope to be submitting something for the charity auction, as well as something for the treasure hunt. Muahaha!

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