Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear virtual diary:

Today I made some alternate colors for a fun little hairstyle that I made for myself, but got a lot of compliments about. I did a little test release and passed it out to my Gods, and so far they love it! They've given me some wonderful feedback and so I think I will be releasing it. Wow, me making hair! I didn't see that one coming.

I also have some Flickr pictures to share! I visited Bare Rose, and found a rather deliciously sexy outfit that looked surprisingly amazing in snapshots. I did the shoot for other reasons than just showing off (which I'll let you know about very soon), but pretty much every photoshoot any of us does always ends up just being "oohhh wow... my avatar is a work of art".

These were taken wearing the beautiful and very gothy new outfit from Barerose, called Stheno. It comes with a big gothic Lolita type bonnet, but I found it definitely against the look I was going for. Isn't black and white just delicious?

The mask I'm wearing is just a modified Titania, but what I wasn't expecting was the really neat anime-ish effect it has on the hair. The leaves around the base of the crown make it almost look like the cartoony shine effect, which I think really works very well in these . Fun and random effect!They're for the most part, completely unadulterated. I shot them against a plain purple background (as white wasn't exactly going to work), removed the purple and then put it against the Eliza Stripes, if you recognized them! I desaturated the whole thing just to make absolutely sure there was no color left, and re-framed them as I saw fit :) I really do love how they turned out.

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