Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Illusions @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Crazy how a year flies by yet again, huh? 

I haven't forgotten Second Life, but I definitely have been neglecting it.  I never officially quit or thought of myself as retired, though I guess that's effectively what happened.  However, I haven't given up on it or myself as a creator.  I'm wary of saying I'm going to be more active but it's something I'd like to do.

If anything could pull me back in world though, it's Fantasy Faire.  How am I supposed to miss the biggest fantasy event in Second Life? 

Despite my real life keeping me pretty busy (and so many video games I would rather be playing...) I made a lovely new thing for you guys.  One item a year, that's better than no items right?

When I showed my friends this necklace, multiple people said it kind of reminded them of a fairy, and someone said it especially reminded them of Navi from Zelda.  In honor of Navi, I've named this necklace "Fealuin", which is Quenya for "blue fairy".  Of course it's texture change, and on my fancy new vendor you can see all of the colors available right there.  This necklace also includes a slightly simpler version without the hanging chains on the sides because I know you guys love options.

I was at least true to my word (a year ago, lol) that I was going to swap vendor systems.  I've been working with the MG vendor system to convert a few items over.  Loyalty points will now be automatic and not require any use of a card, and demo items can be gotten directly from the vendor itself.  I can also offer automated redelivery now as well as a gifting, so I will be swapping over to selling items that are copy only.  The only issue is that I need to box up all of my items which has always been a bit annoying to me, but I'm trying to make it convenient for you guys by making the box an unpacking HUD that just needs to be worn once and gives you a folder automatically.

The new vending system does mean that your old loyalty points will no longer be valid.  Unfortunately there's no way that I can import your card information, the old system just didn't allow for that.  I stopped selling angel cards a year ago in anticipation of this but I know a lot of you guys are old school and probably still have your cards.  I don't have too much faith in my getting everything swapped over that quickly, so I just recommend using your balance in the next couple of months on something you might like. 

Anyway, another part of Fantasy Faire are items for RFL to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  This year, I felt rather colorful and so I've made Niobium versions of a couple old favorites.

These items are all available at my Fantasy Faire stall on Pools of Ethuil.  Come take a look!