Friday, January 11, 2013


Since I still feel like I'm in my motivation dry spell, I decided to ask my friends for inspiration.  The ever helpful and lovely Evangeline Miles suggested I do something like laser cut masks .  One of the images clicked with me and I realized I could probably do something like that now with mesh.

It came a lot easier to me than I was expecting.  I sketched out some lovely curly prettiness in Zbrush, then followed the design in Blender to get my final geometry.  When I got it into Zbrush for sculpting, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it had worked!

 I might have gotten carried away, but I love the results.  Admittedly, it turned into something similar to the Columbina and Civetta Curia trim I did, which is why I gave it the name Curiata.

Unlike the Curia masks, this one has no "backing" which makes it more delicate and feminine.  For colors, I did my usual range of black, gray (silver) and white, and red through purple and pink.  I had eleven out of twelve colors after that though, so I decided to have fun with the last one.

Have you ever heard of Niobium?  If not, you might not have seen the beautiful and crazy colors that come out when it's anodized.  It's generally a gradient of purples and blues to cyan, but can sometimes have golds and pinks in it as well.  I thought I might have a bit of fun and include Niobium amongst my usual metal options.

I'm aiming to make more masks in the time leading up to Mardi Gras.  After all, it's only a month away!  I'll keep you guys updated on when the masquerade will be.  And of course, that'll be the perfect place to wear this one ;)

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