Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm sure if you've read any designer's blog recently, you've heard something about the recent transaction failures and failed deliveries. When people pay, they just aren't getting their items. So I've been hopping about, putting out fires, dealing with folks who think I'm scamming them, and trying to explain that it's just a temporary problem with Second Life. But then there have been those beautifully patient folks, who were happy to wait as I had to relog several times, clear my cache, reload my monstrous inventory, download a new viewer etc, and were still very happy and grateful to get the thing they paid for about an hour ago. To them... thank you :) You know who you are ;)

I also have some news... I've actually hired my first employees! My two very good friends Kriket Pimpernel and Candy Flanagan hung out in my shop and helped folks find things anyway, so I decided to make what they were doing official and pay them for it ^_^ So if you see either of these lovely ladies greeting you in a bubbly manner when you first teleport, yes they're meant to be there :)

I've been working on a few things but I've been a bit hesitant to put them out, with all of the wonky things going on. I might put them out a little later today, because today seems to be better with the transaction issues. That might also be because of the sign I put up, though. Couple more jester things, because I simply can't help myself, and maybe one last hedgehog outfit: hedgie jester :)

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Queenie Extraordinaire said...

"I might put them out a little later today"

Ok, you're killing me! I have been watching your blog alll dayyy waiting and hoping. ;-)