Monday, May 16, 2011

La Volpe

I have a treat for the roguish at heart. Something inspired by such stylish scoundrels as Zorro and the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Become La Volpe, the cunning fox, and evade the law in daring escapades. Made of sumptuous leather, this mask is sure to protect your real identity when you're up to no good or flirting with noblemen's daughters.

Both the sash and mask change independently, to give you more options to create a color scheme for your heroic rapscallion. Or, you can get rid of the sash entirely, which works well to wear under hair. I've also included an optional alpha for people with sticky-outy ears. It clips the tip of the ears so that they don't poke through, though admittedly since everyone's ears are a different size it might not fit everyone.

I'm very pleased with this mask, it's one of my first where I tried to get the texture seamless across all three of the mask prims. If you've noticed that you can see the nose and eye divisions on my other masks, I'm going to try and move in the direction of not having it be as obvious.