Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Right now, if you end up going near the event hall, you'll see quite an odd sight; I'm redoing it right on top of the old one, literally. I really liked the style of the new store, and there are some irritating architectural issues in the old hall as well. I like the design, but again, it could use some improving. I also terraformed the other half of the island, because when I logged on today I was tired enough that I wanted to fly around and do something vaguely productive. Or procrastinate, tomayto-tomahto.

I put out something fun, there have been a couple of little things I've added to the store that I didn't bother mentioning, but I will now!! For the Civetta and Columbina masks (the plain ones) I've now added "Party Packs", that you can buy for 550L. They contain ten transferable copies, 7 in a very tintable gray color, and 3 white, so you can pass them out to party guests and they can tint them to match their outfits ^.^

I also added a new freebie box to the freebie shelf, front and center, which I have titled simply "Victims of Siyu's Rabid Perfectionism". These are items that, at some point or another, were released, and then discreetly pulled by me in a fit of "these aren't worth money!". Instead of just letting them get moldy in my inventory, enough people poked me about the items to warrant a sort of apology pack. So that mention earlier about those items I sneakily pull off of the walls... I found what to do with them ^_^ You can now own such old favorites as The Blazing Crown of the Empress Phoenix, the Ascended Mitra, the Rana veil and a whole bunch of old non-sculpty hats and just for one little L. People seem to be having a lot of fun with them :) I'll probably be adding more next time I clean out my inventory, so keep an eye on the box and check if some thing's new. With most of these items, there are problems with it that would only bother me, but I wouldn't be the creator that I am if I let that persuade me to put them out! There are little things (like the Rana veil, it bothered me because there was no connection between the cloth and the tiara piece) or just dated things (like non sculpty cake hats), but in the end I knew they could be enjoyed by people not anywhere as near as picky as me XD

Also, some wonderful news... I might be able to have the chance of possibly finally finding feather textures I can be happy with. There's a reason you haven't seen feathers on a single mask of mine since '06, and it's because the aforementioned perfectionism extends to others' work as well. However, I have found someone with feathers that finally meet up to my high standards... now just to convince her to sell them XD (don't worry, she said have hope, I just have to wait a bit).

Speaking of waiting, I announce proudly to the world that I will refresh Nicky Ree's blog about 18 times a day until she puts this out in another color:


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