Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep a light with you

It's not often I can grant a wish, but sometimes I do come through.

Skin by Tuli, Dress by Evie's Closet
Keep a light with you this solstice, but stay far away from the smoke alarm.

Last year I released a pair of antlers so fabulous, they had to be limited so they could be coveted and worshiped as they deserved. Yet all through the year I've been asked about them, and I've been biding my time until the solstice to give them an heir.

These are by no means as epic or awe-inspiring as the Odocoleinae Lumina, I mean for starters you can actually see yourself in frame when you take a picture of them. But they are beautiful, regal, elegant and distinctive, as well as festive in their own right. Drips of wax hang down from the angular reaches of the antlers and get in your hair, and the delicate flickers of glowing flames illuminate your way so you don't need a flashlight. These are scripted to change the antler's texture as always, but they also change the texture of the candles to black, silver, or dark brown wax. You can easily turn the actual candle light off or on through the menu as well.

These are not limited, they're a permanent addition to my antlers collection, so you can breath a sigh of relief that you have time to nab them. If you missed the Odocoleinae Lumina, you can still have these :) And they're 375L, as opposed to the 1750L of the limited edition.

If you're a purist and the candles aren't your thing, or maybe you're a bit short on cash, the plain ones are also available for 250L :)

Men can totally wear girl's hair (hair by Maitreya)
These are available now at Carnivale

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Bell Jewelry

I have another festive goodie! I'm not actually sure why, but bells are really associated with Christmas. Maybe it's a symbol of churches calling people together or they're the proverbial jingle bells, but here's a pretty bell you can wear on your neck that isn't attached to a neko collar.

Festive holly along with a delicately tied ribbon decorate this lovely golden bell. But the best part about this jewelry set? It's only 50L, so even if you only wear it a few times you can still get your money's worth out of it :)~

I also set out a box of holiday goodies for free, which include a remake of my holly jewelry and some ornaments and mini reindeer antlers. I'll blog the contents tomorrow, but you can still pick it up today!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Festive Florissinae

Since I released them last year, my antlers have been one of the items I see most often when I'm walking around or browsing fashion blogs. I love the whimsical quality they can add to avatars and they can make a perfectly realistic outfit have a taste of wild fantasy. Antlers are just visually delicious, and I really can't get enough of them.

So I've finally returned to well-trodden ground which I think a lot of people were hoping I would, and created a completely new set utilizing my freshly developed oblong sculpt skillz.

Inspired by Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude) and her own curly antlers, I got her blessing to create my own rendition. Taste wise, she and I cover a lot of the same ground. Florissinae isn't an actual genus of deer obviously, if it ever was they would have been hunted down long ago for their awesome headgear. Just like the previous antlers, these are texture change to twelve different lovely options.

The entire reason I made these, though, was that curly antlers are fabulous for decorating with baubles. I've been wanting to make properly decorated holiday antlers for a couple years now and the time was finally right!

These... are so much fun to play with. The antlers themselves are scripted to change, but so are the decorations! I owe a shout out to Sobriquet Kryakutnoy, for without him you would have no Multi option (shown). I would have had to make them a whole separate pair of antlers or something, so major kudos to him. Aside from the festive multi-color version, you can play with having white lights and blue ornaments, red lights and red ornaments, green, white, whatever! There are twelve options to play with to make these antlers incredibly versatile, which makes them awesome to wear through the whole month and not only on those days you feel like wearing the classic red and green.

The gorgeous and talented Evangeline Miles kindly demonstrated this in a few pictures on her plurk ♥

Edited to add: And Ann Launay struts her stuff with her favorite, the cyan ornaments with white tips: http://www.sluniverse.com/snapshots/425392.png

They're available now at the store, and as always you can grab a scripted demo to give them a test drive :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festive Elf Shoes!

I'm trying to hard to get into the spirit of the season, but my muse is like a hyperactive St Bernard and I'm just trying to keep her on a leash, much less going the right direction.

Yesterday I did have success in reeling her in and I worked on some adorable curly toed elf shoes.

These are the perfect things to wear with tights or silly pants. They're unisex so they can be worn by both men and women, and they change texture to five different colors, and twelve different options total. There's a nice minty green, an icey blue, white, black, and the red that's shown. Each of the colors comes with the option for a white cuff or a colored cuff, and it's really fun to alternate them especially if you have parti-colored tights!

I adore curly toed shoes in real life, and making these was so much fun I think I'll be making more in the future (and in more colors).

For more general updates, I've updated the prices on miscellaneous older items throughout the store. I've also added scripts to the old Phoenix and Seraphim masks so there's no more need for fatpacks.

Also, the thing my muse keeps wanting to run off on is the new event hall build. So far its coming along beautifully, and things might be changing around the sim suddenly. The store probably won't be touched but the old event hall might not be here very long >.>

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Items Return!

Just a quick update to acknowledge that yes, it IS December (as if everyone clambering over each other to put out red and green things and drown you in candy canes wasn't reminder enough), I've put out the Lussinat crown and the reindeer antlers from last year for the holiday season! If you've forgotten what they look like, here's a refresher:

They're joined by the old old Merry Jingly and Snowflake coats which have held up surprisingly well against the Whim of Retiring Doom. However... the holly jewelry didn't make it. I really haven't been in the mood to work on remaking it but I think I'll wrestle myself into it in the next week.

I've also gotten some questions about whether I'm going to do another limited edition like last year. The Odocoleinae Lumina have become almost legendary and are certainly a tough act to follow. To tell the truth I'm not sure if I have it in me for something else as epicly awesome as those. If I can dream up something awe inspiring, I'll do my best, but no promises! I'm only just getting my creative muse back after the flurry of October and the rigor of the roses and I don't want to chase her off with another enormous project.