Sunday, May 12, 2013

French Hoods

Terry Toland approached me during my commission drive with a request for something more on the historical side than the fantastical.  She's been a long time customer and had a hankering to accessorize the look of Tudor nobility.

The Anna French Hood is inspired by the fashion that the young queen Anne Boleyn brought to England from France.  A veil or coif worn with a decorative clip to hold it in place became far more fashionable than the square "gable hoods" that were all the rage.  Despite her unfortunate fate, the hood caught on and was worn by most noble young ladies.  Pearls and ruffles and rich fabrics were typical decor for them, and some were even ornamented enough to be fit for a queen.

Katarin is the "deluxe" version, with dramatic stones set in the center and an outer trim with delicate pearl droplets at the ends.  Both hoods have full customization of course, and allow you to change the base color of the crown to twelve different colors, the ruffles have three options, and the inner and outer trim have six options each.  The stones come with the same selection of twelve colors as Nevina jewelry

Hopefully these will be the perfect addition to your historical garb or roleplay!

Out now at the store

And on the marketplace:

Anna French Hood: 195L
Katarin French Hood: 415L

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wrapped Cords for the Elf Ears!

BurningHeat Mikado was one of the first people to leap into action when I said I was in need of funds in April, not hesitating before she had sent me her $L.  She didn't even ask for anything in return, but I insisted that she decide on something for me to make for her.  She settled on something she'd wanted for ages.  Which a lot of people have been wanting for ages, and I've been putting off for far too long...

Accessories for my elf ears!  Specifically, wrapped cord similar to my Cord Wrap "jewelry" or my Dreamcatcher Nivicola horns.

 One of the reasons it's taken me almost a year to finally accessorize my ears is that it's a daunting task.  Coming up with a concept and design is the easy part, but finding a way to efficiently fit it to every style, adapt the design how it needs to to look its best, and then deal with how I'm going to script and texture all of them has been a challenge it's been all too easy for me to delay.  It's been on my docket of "big projects to do when I'm feeling up to it" for months.  Thankfully to BurningHeat, wrapped cords, while still tricky, are nowhere near as intimidating as chains, loops or other earring styles.

The wrapped cords, specifically, are available in every ear style, and each one is fit to correspond with the shape of each ear style.  There are twelve colors to choose from with my usual texture changing system, and I made each cord its own colorable area so you can mix and match and make color combinations.  While I could have cheated and gone the easy way of just mirroring one cord wrap onto the other side, I couldn't sacrifice aesthetics for convenience!  Unfortunately, this resulted in a whopping thirty six different cords to position and fit, so you can see why this sort of thing is daunting.

This is yet another completed commission as I work my way down the list.  Now that I've figured some things out about how to do the ear accessories, I'd like to, and will do, more.  But, priorities first, I must keep working on what I've been hired to work on!  Which means more eclectic and interesting releases first.

In the meantime, hopefully these will get you started on decking out your ears.

Individual styles out now at the store: 95L
 Fatpack of all ear styles on the marketplace: 600L

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Angelus Sword

Grant Kirax approached me earlier this month during my commissions drive, asking if I could make him a custom sword.  He showered me with concept photos, picking and mixing his favorite aspects of each until I came up with my own concept of how to integrate his ideas.

 He wanted an elegant great sword, with a winged crossguard and a wolf head pommel, and so this is what I put together:

 The carved wolf head, I decided, would be a custom pommel specific to his sword.  I wanted to keep the wing motif through-out, so I swapped out the wolf with one that matched the crossguard.

The Angelus sword is one of the first weapons I've ever done, and I get the feeling that now that it's out I will end up being coerced into making more. I haven't done weapons in the past, simply because I've had no desire to script them and a certain lack of inspiration for them, but this one turned out beautifully.  I may end up having to get inspired.

One thing that should be noted is that it's not combat scripted, or animated, but it is modifiable so you can add your own scripts or adjust its size to your avatar.

It has eight metal color options, including black, gunmetal, silver, gold, copper, bronze, and an aqua and a periwinkle color I've called ice and storm respectively.  It also shares the gem selection from the Nevina Jewelry.  The combinations are lucious and elegant, and make this sword perfect for both seraphim and fallen angels. 

Out now at the store
On the marketplace: 350L