Thursday, August 9, 2007

Been blogged again! And with some other sideways mentions on others! Sometimes it really is fun to troll for my name in Google, after I've managed to get rid of search results for things I myself put out there.

I'd like to say thank you to Queenie Extraordinaire, who, since she found my store back in March or so, has loyally posted delicious outfit combos with a few choice accessories of mine, and she has very much done her part to spread my name around. She's recently become a part of the Metaverse Messenger's Fashion Angels squad, who right now is providing me with my daily professional fashionista fix while Linden Lifestyles is on holiday. After talking to Doc a little about how funny it was we did Jester things (and after he oh so magnanimously filled out my color choices for that outfit >.>) I was reminded that Queenie worked for Doc and it was about time I dropped that loverly lady some yummy updated sculpty things!

Well, bless her, possibly that same day or a little after she wrote up a wonderfully flattering post about my new Harlequin items, and the new hats, and included me with both Munchflower and Doc, who have been designing for more than twice as long as I have (possibly even three times more). The best part about it is she makes me feel like one of the Big Kitties (like big dogs, but we /are/ in the fashion industry), and she always has a subtle, completely effortless way of making my items look like you must be insane not to have them, and you must be hiding under a rock to have not heard of me. So though she may not say anything along the lines of "oh my gosh, these are so well made!", it's very, very flattering nonetheless.

I did mention that I got a couple of side mentions. By this I mean I got some press and my items were used on blogs, but I wasn't the focus. I was raided by Stephanie Misfit, who apparently was quite inspired by the incomparable Swirly's irresistable fabulousness and Dakota Buck's choice selection in my items, and she swung by to nab some yummies. Checking back on their blog, Fashion Victim, I found some of my items in a not so positive post, but really my items looked so wonderful in it it dressed up the outfit and made it much more yummy than it probably should have been. I also got to see my Unicorn Mask getting some air out of the dusty vendor and being worn with Saeya Nyanda's new Couture releases. Off of the fashion beat, I caught a glimpse of my Eliza hat and Cavalier Boots on a sort of "Hitchhiker's Guide to SL Shopping" from a blog called Grid Grind. It has some excellent advice in it that I certainly do my best to follow, and also it made me feel extremely smug and happy.

So on this sort of "pimp my wares" strain, I happen to have made some very fortunate friends in the lovely ladies Iris Ophelia (whom I call my gemini twin), and Celebrity Trollop, both masterminds behind the most affluent, professional and possibly most popular fashion magazine, Second Style. Celebrity has kindly requested I make their new dispenser for their magazine (something about 10 prims or less that allows folks to touch and get a copy), and it would be pretty much anywhere I would teleport to go shopping. So now I need to come up with a dynamic, economical, original design, fitting the professionalism of their establishment and good enough that if my insane perfectionist mind sees it about 5 times a week it won't drive me bonkers.

I've also got a fun, cute, sneaky little photo appearance in their current issue (number 9). See if you can find the pale Asian one XD I'm credited, so if you think you see me, you can check and see. Then you can say "I see you Siyu!" I feel like Waldo!

I also won't say much, I don't want to jinx anything, but it seems I will be very, very busy come Halloween.

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