Sunday, September 2, 2007

In the top ten!!

So I figured it was time to check back on that little contest entry of mine! You know, the one for 1-800 Flowers? I'm in the top ten!! My lillies have climbed their way to stardom with the help of people who actually make real life arrangements for a real life living. Happiness <3 href="">here. ^_^

You can also go see all of the arrangements in world at their Academy of Second Learning counter here. Just a suggestion, it's on the mainland, so turn down your draw distance all the way, or else you'll be there all day waiting for things to rez O.o

From their blog:

"The hardest part was choosing 10 finalists - picking the winner is going to be nearly impossible. That’s where everyone else comes in - please email your vote for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and your votes for two honorable mentions to"

The judges at 1-800 Flowers are the ones who decide in the end, rather than it being completely vote-based.. however the opinion of folks does count in the end. I'd like these fine folks to get the publicity they deserve, and I'd like to help, because I really don't think 1-800 Flowers has made too much of a big splash on their own in the community at large. They offered a serious prize in Lindens for creations, and they deserved serious contributions and competitors. I'd just like you guys, my precious readers, my lovely fans who find my babbling mildly to chuckle inducing-ly entertaining, to vote for who you think has the prettiest and most creative arrangement. I know it's by email, which isn't the most efficient or convenient way to go, so I have to butter you up a little in order for you to vote at all XD Only vote for me if you think I should win. They're taking votes until September 8th, and announcing winners on the 13th. If you're going to vote I suggest you just do it now while you're thinking about it :)

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