Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hedgehog Avengers

Back in November when I first started making masks, the very first mask I sold was in a little place called the Isle of Wyrms. Alright, it wasn't so little, but it was home to Noobie Siyu, who spent her many hours online building in the sandbox and chatting with passersby. Daryth Kennedy, the creator of the Wyrms the Isle was Of, had a modest market area there and she gave me a wall, the only space she had, for me to offer up my meager offerings. As I diddled a bit more, made a few new things, there was an adorable little avatar that Daryth released, that was her favorite little animal in all the world... the hedgehog. She created them to benefit a charity called Tiddlywinks that takes care of RL hedgehogs... and so lots of people started running around with these adorable, rolling, tiny little hedgehog avatars that were about knee height to a normal one (tinies, they're also called :)~ I ended up with one too, and that is when I made some fun things for it. I slapped on a hat... and then decided to give myself a mask... and then a belt... and a cape... and suddenly I transformed into Hedgehog Zorro! I packaged up the accessories and stuck them on my wall, and suddenly folks of the Isle of Wyrms we're buying them and tumbling around in little hats and little capes and little rapiers that I made. One day, I saw one of them with a title: Hedgehog Musketeer. They had made a group called The Hedgehog Nation Musketeers, who would crash parties and do tiny raids on various places all waving around my little rapier and wearing my little hats! Well, about 3 months ago I took down the Hedgie Zorro outfit and for 3 months the group sort of withered, and there were only occasional sightings of a fine feathered hat being tumbled by a hedgehog.

Well, today I'd like to introduce Hedgehog Zorro once more, but this time he's brought friends.

Hedgie Zorro looks rather dashing in a brand new sculpted and flexi cape with a delicate silver trim to tie it all together. His new sculpted mask is fit to the face with maximum breathability for those sweaty fights. His rakish desperado style hat will keep the sun off his fur and keep him from getting dusty as he rolls around on the ground!

In honor of the noble Hedgehog Nation Musketeers, I have offered up to them their beloved hat in sculpt-ified form, with a dashing and slimming colorable tunic to hide that sometimes pudgy hedgie belly.And lastly, for the hedgie who's seen better days and wants to arrrrr-gue about it, the torn up hedgehog of the seas! With a genuine peg leg that replaces the hedgehog leg, and an eyepatch to cover up some unidentified wound, you don't want to mess with this little critter's feathery hat.

These aren't for sale in the main store, in fact I haven't and won't do an update to the group (however I believe the Musketeers are getting one), but they are on sale at my stall in Limbo, and on the second floor of the Citizen's Market. I found it only appropriate to make them exclusive to the place where they were born, and the place where folks will really be able to wear them right, with the avatars they were made for!

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Anonymous said...

I love these Hedgie outfits! Big respect, Siyu