Friday, August 3, 2007

Scherzo: More Jingly Goodness

The jester bug has bit, and hard! Wearing these Nomine skins around has gotten me into a rather goofy mood, and so I've made another fun head jingler, which probably won't be the last:

These lightly rest on your hair, in case you're a fan of spikier styles that aren't suited to hats. These have delicate wrapped roping like the Harlequin cap around both ends, and the same cute little sculpted bells. A "scherzo" in Italian is normally a passage or movement in a sonata which is silly, quick and playful, but the root word "scherzare" means to joke or jest! So this is my obtuse way of being clever. To tell the truth, this was inspired by a first life costume company called Moresca, which has cute little hair horns you can stick in your hair... I decided to make my own interpretation and add the bells, and make it match the Harlequin cap ^_^ Like it, it jingles lightly on touch, but I used a different jingle to reflect the size and placement of the bells on the hat. Because I could.

In the middle ages there might have been many people welcome in the courts of European royalty, and only one would be able to speak the truth plainly. It wasn't the king, and it wasn't even the queen, who might be in the presence of foreign diplomats that they wouldn't want to peeve... it was the jester. The fool alone was the person who could tell the whole truth, and say it in such a way that it was entertaining and neutral, because if anyone took offense, he could apologize and pass it off with a "Oh, I am but a fool! A mere knave who knows no better, please forgive!". Naturally such a position comes with risks of making the wrong joke, ticking off the wrong victim of satire, and so the successful court jesters had biting wit and were (more often than not) the most intelligent people in the room. The "horns" the fool wore were symbolic of ass's ears, which is pretty much synonymous with a dunce's cap or an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt as a sign of a foolish person or a town oaf. The bells actually weren't strictly associated with jesters, for bells actually were very complicated and delicate things to make for a smith or a jeweler. So they were more of a sign of a jester's status as a valuable and affluent member of the court! But it doesn't hurt that they're fun, light and playful.

Nowadays of course with comic book characters like The Joker and Harley Quinn, the jester's "cap'n'bells" has become associated with gothic super villains and dramatic costumery, which is a niche I am most happy to acknowledge! I'm surprised I didn't make these earlier, because they're just so wonderfully Illusions :) Gothic, traditional, Venetian, historical... playful :)

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