Monday, August 6, 2007

Harlequin Ruff and Belt

It turns out that me and Munchflower weren't the only ones who seemed to catch some sort of gothic jester fever... without our knowing and completely independent of our creations, Doc Eldritch of DE Designs released matching gothic Jester outfits. I thought this was a hilarious and fabulous coincidence, apparently there was just something in the air! Well prancing around in the (gorgeous!) female Jester outfit (in black and white naturally) by Doc, I found myself longing for accessories...

This is an absolute classic, and as you can see it has matching roping to the head pieces, and delicate frippery lace that tucks up right underneath the chin. However, if you find you don't want the high collar (maybe say, you're a man's man's Jester), I made a version included without it which you can see to the right. Or maybe you just want the high collar! I'm pretty sure you could wear this with almost anything that fits snug around the neck, I tried it with a couple of dresses and a sweater and it still looked delicious. I've made all of the pieces with special care when sizing my prims, to make them all very stretchable, both out and in. My very petite friend Candy didn't have any trouble shrinking it to her little frame, and I in a male shape didn't have any trouble stretching it out, though the high collar did give me some issues.

The design of the collar itself heralds from the fashion of the the thirteenth century in western Europe. Alternating colors or "parti color" was a big fad back then, as was wearing a sort of hood or cowl around your shoulders to hide the laces of your shirt. It was a sort of male modesty, since very often shirts of the day would expose quite a bit of chest (which is one of the things we now love about renaissance inspired shirts >.>).

After making such a delicious collar, I found myself admiring my avatar. Mmmm yes, that went beautifully with the Scherzo and the Harlequin cap... but I'm missing something. Something around my middle...

There aren't too many pieces I do that make me sit back and go "wow... I am totally insane". Oh believe me there are those pieces, and this is one of them. The sculpted belt prim is one I've been sitting on (haha!) for a while, but it's always been so embarassingly simple I haven't had the gall to put it out. I put it to good use in this though, by setting three together with alternating color and having the same matching delicate rope work covering the prim seam. As I found myself about half way round myself, duplicating and duplicating little wrap prims, I honestly was wondering what in the Metaverse was I doing, making something that could have easily been about 30 prims 150+ prims? But as I saw them come together and how well they matched the other pieces, and as I got that urge to just reach out and touch it.. (not to mention own one in my first life), I had another one of those wonderful affirming moments where you camera back, admire your glorious creation and say "Ah yes... that's why."

Again I made a special effort to make sure all of the prims could be grown and shrunk to a pretty considerable amount, because I know not too many guys have the hips that Siyu does (not too many girls either!). The sculpted belt prims fit with a comfortable gravity on the avatar body, curving up with the hips and down under the tummy, and the points sway with a gentle heavy flexi. I've also included a version without the points in case you want to wear it with a skirt or something.

Like the other items these are mod and therefore tintable :) So you can fit these delicious yummies into your own motley color scheme!

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