Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Event Hall! Wee!

When a girl buys a fabulous new dress, it is simply inevitable that certain things happen. One of them being that she buys things to turn it into a perfect ensemble. First comes the dress... then comes the shoes, a necklace, a hat... Once something new and wonderful arrives, everything needs to match. This apparently also applies to architecture O.o

Ok maybe not always, maybe it's just me, but the new store demanded a new event hall. So today I made one! Quite a beautiful, enormous, palatial, roman-inspired grand edifice that is just... huge. Well not that huge, you're still able to talk to people inside, but seriously this thing feels just a wee bit roomy.

Something I especially love, just as I loved with the original, is the grand entrance. I wanted it to make you feel like Cinderella seeing a palace for the first time ^_^ And this time, the entrance is even grander! (and matches the store! *giggles* are these "island accessories?").

Ok now... I know what you're wondering. What happened to the fish? My wonderful fishy floor, with enormous fish circling underneath and you being able to go "oo! I hope I don't fall in! Those koi are big enough to eat me!" Well, right now they are in an absolutely enormous plastic baggie, and they will be relocated to the lake underneath the waterfall, where hopefully they will be quite happy. Let's just say it's freshwater, shall we?

I've actually made it have two levels, so it wouldn't feel like a monstrous cavern. However, I just had to open up the upper floor for a delicious view of the incredible stained glass window high above...

On the upper floor... I don't know, I had this image of an enormous, beautiful and decadent place for dancing, but also another alcove for a smaller venue, like a live music area or a "coffee shop" feel. I have an idea for a beautiful open patio for viewing fireworks, but I wanted something casual and inside, that wasn't in the store area. Since we can fly, we can just hover up to the upper floor and have a beautiful view of the island. I think I'll be placing some columns in there to make the space feel a little more closed, or maybe just furniture will do the trick.

I know there's been quite a bit of upheaval on the island lately, and it's very probable there will be even more. I really want to thank everyone for trusting in the Siyu to make only improvements, and if you don't... well.. erm... you can tell me what bits you'd miss the most and I'll try not to get rid of them. Just like to say, thank you for your patience, and understanding with CCRS (Content Creator Restlessness Syndrome). I finally understand what got into their heads now when they changed things everyone else was perfectly happy with o.o

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