Thursday, March 18, 2010

WILD.Released Stamp Hunt

Have you heard about WILD.Released yet? If not, allow me to illuminate you. I've just gone through my store and included stamp cards in some of my vendors. If you buy one of the marked items, you'll be able to redeem the card you get for an item only available as a prize for this event. All you need to do is go around to the stores that are participating and collect their store stamps. You can even do a bunch of cards at once! There are twelve of us participating, including my fabulous friends from TRAP, silent sparrow, Evie's Closet, Schadenfreude... the list goes on. Every prize is worth it, and you won't want to miss them. Here's a peek at mine :D

This item won't be available in the store, you can only get it through redeeming a fully stamped WILD.Released card at Moonsong. And if you think your mind is already made up, you haven't seen the other prizes.

The cards are available now, but stamping begins on March 20th. Hold on to them until then! And if you're still a little unclear about how the whole thing works, there's more information on the WILD.Released blog :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Even if you don't really care or wish to celebrate it, if you're favorite color is green St. Paddy's day rocks for freebies. I don't wish to be an exception, and so I passed out a St. Paddy's Day bowler to the folks who wish to be hatted!

While you're wearing it, you can be the one doing the pinching. *peench peench*

Don't get too wasted, otherwise you'll go to hell and burn for a thousand years, and then they'll take you out and flip you over for another thousand. You'll make the holy mother cry if you sleep with a protestant while you're intoxicated. There, that's some authentic Catholic guilt for you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ovis Horns

My collection of horns has a glaring omission. I've been missing a truly spectacular pair of ram's horns that makes you want to reach out and touch them. I'm lucky enough to have touched a wild mountain goat's horns (they were very comfortable around tourists, no I didn't feed it) and I wasn't willing to release something that didn't remind me of that warm dry roughness under my fingertips. I was finally able to evoke that memory :)

I had a very specific vision in mind for how I wanted the texture to be, the amount of shine, the delicate ripples, the bumps and crags and cracks and roughness while still having a polished health to them. It took me forever, carefully modeling the high definition horn to follow the ripples and growth rings of a real horn, adding bumps and wear and tear on them and then finding the right amount of shine, but I finally did it. And now that I've made the perfect pair of ram's horns, I might as well make a few more!

Ovis Nivicola is the "snow sheep" of Siberia, and theyhave beautifully curved horns that frame their faces. I took some liberties with the shape to evoke the same frame, and these are one of my favorites. Perfect for demons!

Ovis Aries is one of those classic ram's horns that are probably what you first think of, they're lighter and not as thick as the Canadensis and so less likely to result in a headache.
The Dallis sheep has a more open horn, which also looks sharper than other mountain sheep. I love these as faun horns, I shrunk them down and put on my faun hooves and I felt like skipping around through the woods with a pan pipe.

They all have the same collection of horn colors and metals you should be plenty familiar with now, and I would definitely suggest you grab some demos to see how you like them. Currently, they're only available at my booth at the Accessories Fair, and you should swing by anyway and grab the freebie I put out :) It's a simple choker for women with a texture change stone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Illusions @ Accessory Fair 2010

I'm in the Accessory Fair which is kicking off this weekend, hosted by Glance. It features other designers like myself who fit into the "other" category of what you can wear on your avatar, and will be going until the 27th of March.

I wanted to have something new released especially for it, but most of my projects weren't anywhere near ready. I found there was something simple I'd been wanting to do and just lacked the timing, so I took the opportunity :)

Sometimes I'm in the mood for the primmy splendor and display of the original Orinthia, but sometimes I want to have a simple pendant that's still romantic and feminine. Orinthia Puro is the reconciliation of those two moods, and if I'd known it looked this good on its own I might not have bothered with the frustration of dealing with all of those chains! In fact, I think it even brings out the lines and delicacy of the pendant better. But after all that work on the original, I'd rather offer this as an option instead of a replacement. Plus, it's significantly cheaper ;) (250L, compared to the original's price of 450L)

The set is only available at my Accessory Fair stall for now, but after a week I'll be adding it to my new releases wall in the main store. My next few releases are going to be the same story, released at the fair first and then added to my main store after a few days :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

STEAM Hunt #110 (Illusions)

In the interest of keeping you guys updated, I'm sick and down for the count with the nastiest son of a bitch cold I've had in a while. I was awake for all of five hours yesterday, so that's something me and a hibernating bear might have in common. However I did need to log on last night because the STEAM hunt starts today.

STEAM is a completely steampunk themed grid-wide hunt that includes over a hundred stores. It's also probably going to be my last grid-wide hunt. I prefer to let the deadlines I live my life by to be my own, not someone else's. I'd much rather live on my own schedule unless it really pays off, and so far it hasn't. I might be expecting too much from them, but I haven't seen any real increase in traffic or notoriety or e-fame or had someone show up at my door with five million Internetz, so clearly they're not worth my time!

Maybe I'm just sour about giving away something as awesome as this hat.

For free. That's right, you guys are spoiled. Spoiled like the pedigree showdog of a has-been TV sitcom star. And you can nab it for free from a golden gear somewhere in my store. I think I heard something ticking when I was lounging around.

I'm particularly proud of myself for not giving in and buying gear sculpts. I hate doing geometric sculpting but I forced myself to give it a try and success! I'll be using these on something else in the future, you can be sure of that ;)