Thursday, August 16, 2007

1-800 Flowers

I've submitted my hopefully award winning piece to the 1-800-Flowers competition!

It ended up being 22 prims, and really, I couldn't have removed a single one. I took care to make the lily petals delicately thin, the thinnest I could make them without mesh glitches, and took care to match up the rich purple center of them. I also made sure that it looks good from every angle, like a true sculpture, and isn't just catering to one side (although this one is its best).

I liked taking this picture too... setting up mock home dioramas does have an appeal to it. I love SL, it's like having an enormous infinite doll house.

I suspect that there may be either very sneaky people competing, like, some sculpted prim expert that doesn't have a store and just comes out of nowhere... or maybe Fallingwater Cellardoor will submit something far less primmy... but right now, I feel very, very good about this piece. It's minimalist, yet lush, rich colors, good balance... all I can do now is hope the judges agree!


Anonymous said...

That very beautiful i hope you win

Anonymous said...

Thats gorgeous. I just want to stick my nose in those lillies.

Miriel Enfield said...

I didn't even know there was a competition. It looks beautiful, though. You're so good with the flowers.

Nef said...

Eeee thank you guys!! I'm really proud of them :) I might make a few arrangements and sell them so folks can "scent up" their homes in SL XD