Saturday, June 30, 2007

Face Veil Face Lift

I did a quick touch up on the Sumptuous Veil today, actually completely remade it but believe me, it looks better now! Just your 45L is now that much more of a bargain ^.^

It's actually a huge project, going over my old inventory. Touching it up, reviewing the build, retexturing and then packaging it back up for my new vendors. I've got new silk textures and fun new colors (including the scandalously rarely seen cyan. You guys remember cyan? Crazy days...) and it's been extremely slow going getting all that stuff out. The sumptuous veil was the quickest, easiest, nicest... I love it so, now you can too.

So despite the lack of bloggage, I actually have been a busy little Siyu. I've completed a commission for the Hindu god Garuda, and even a very special release for Sunday. In case you want a clue, there's something I've only ever released on Sundays that happens to be special... so if you know me you know the answer and oop! yes your heart is now beating faster with excitement!! As well it should... it's totally worth it.

I've also been working on the new improved Bauta, and I was going to post it tonight of all things and then noticed about 10-20 things I wanted to change... and I'm tired dangnabbit. But the Bauta is more than a mask this time... let's just say the men have their turn!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Domino Venetzia

A pet project of mine has always been attempting to make cloaks, but they have always been sad victims of my stringent perfectionism. But bless sculpted prims, I've finally been able to make something that I'm willing to sell. Mind you, I could tweak these for an eternity and still not be happy with them (the flexi is too tight, that part falls too short, that length needs to be changed, that collar part needs to be moved). BUT... I know myself, and I know that I can be happy with it if I sell it right this instant.

I present to you proudly the Domino Venetzia. A Domino wasn't always a plastic thing you knocked down to make other plastic things get knocked down, in Venice in the 1700's it was the ultimate lady's disguise. It was a combination of a mask that covered the entire face, and a voluminous cloak that would only show the stylishness of the manner in which you were dressed. It was used so that women could indulge in secret trysts, or even go out to bars and have a riotous good time without ever having to suffer damage to their delicate, refined reputation. It was the ultimate shroud of mystery.

For my domino, I have constructed the clasp, cowl and hood entirely out of sculpted prims, and used the Columbina Venetzia as a jumping off point to add a delicate flexi veil. My proudest piece of this, is actually the textures. I've never made my own textures before (except random uploaded pictures of stuff, and edited random pictures of stuff... and UV wrapped textures made in Zbrush), so I'm extra proud of these. I actually took a picture of my sculpted prims in world, put them against a gradient background and then fitted them to be the proper size for long flexi prims! That way they were all sure to match... and sure enough, the cloak trim, veil trim, and mask trim are all in perfect harmony. Hurraaay!

I'd also like to share that I have completed, finally, and god I mean finally, converting all of my rose creations to the new 20 colors. May I live long and not have to do that sort of damn thing again.

The All Color options are only available as copy, as obviously I do have to protect myself and I want to be able to offer an extremely deep discount for people who want more than one color in their life. Most of my all color packs have been set at the price of one X3, so that's when it becomes worth your while to get the bunch! But I realized that if I sold them transferable... I could be very easily suffering some losses there ^^; So it's best to be safe rather than sorry :) You can still IM me as always for gifts or giftcards.

Speaking of giftcards, I've been trying to figure out a way I might instigate them. More news on that soon :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've been blogged! The Fabulous and rather Infamous Swirly showed up on my radar the other day, and as predicted by this certain distinctive lady's style she proceeded to purchase my most modest, understated, and subtle pieces. Well needless to say she had a lot of fun dressing up and being even more fabulous, and she gave me a shining review and included the lovely new Eliza :) Which quite simply makes everyone look incredible (if you have the personality to pull it off ;)

Fashion Victim: Divine Hats from Illusions

I have also welcomed a new addition to the Isle of Carnivale, and it is officially the first thing that has become part of the landscape that is not hand crafted by yours truly. Although I've modded it to the point that that is a rather fluid concept and might not be true anymore. The incomparable shipwright Kyom Kyom (can't remember the last name) has scripted, static pirate ships topping 900 prims for sale at his store for a ridiculously cheap 800-1000L, and since I've been calling myself Captain Siyu I figured I'd make that a fact. I bought the "Blackbeard" pirate ship and then proceeded to make it siyulicious and painstakingly elegant. I tore it apart, retextured it, and then slapped it back together again to make it utterly perfect and at home on Carnivale. I've been having so much fun making the cannons go *BOOM* and playing around with the battoning down the hatches while listening to the gentle creak of the sea playing with the floor boards. I have dubbed the bonny lass the Indigo Rose, and it be a fine name indeed. I even be havin' me own pirate flag, which I be showin' off in me own piratey glory in these fine piccy-tures!

And speaking of pictures, I have posted a few of the pictures from the Midsummer Masquerade on Flickr, which can be found here. I'll be posted the best ones from the farther back shots, but those are just some of the absolutely outstanding costumes, and there'll be more coming soon :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Common Sense?

In general, I can happily say that when a business gets my attention it's for a very good reason. The products are yummy, the shopping experience pleasant, and the designer has a great vibe. I also know that most of the time, a review online for a store is a very positive thing with a few minor critiques. These critiques are intended as an advisory for buyers, and a possibility and encouragement for improvement on the designer's behalf.

However, I've found that some things that I thought to be common knowledge about running a business just escape some people. There have been a very large amount of writings about business running tips, but there are obviously some things that have been left out.

Speaking to designers, I think the things I'm about to say just are completely beyond common sense, and yet I found that these things needed to be written.

#1. If your items are not copiable, there is no reason aside from greed or reclusiveness to deny returns or exchanges. Neither of those two traits are likely to make a happy customer. Period.

#2. No avatar shape is the same. If you are making prim clothing pieces that will be attached to an avatar, they should be modifiable, or make a custom fitting available. There are some exceptions (a belly button ring or some shoes might be alright), but for the most part this one is cardinal. Think of it this way... if they fit properly, they look good. If they look good, people want to know where they got it, and more business for you!

#3. If your store has boxes, or items that need to be unpacked, it's polite and good practice to make object entry or object creation possible on your land. That way, the person can unpack and try on an item right there in your store without having to leave. If they like what they see, chances are they might buy something else or another color of it on impulse. If someone has to head home first, chances are they won't be coming back. If you're worried about litter, put an auto return on the parcel.

#4. Make your personal policies or frequently asked questions clear and concisely worded and available in your picks. There are many people who can just barely run SL on their computers, and browsing to your site to find your policies might put a lot of strain on their system, or their will power. Not to mention the simple fact that most people aren't that motivated. If you want someone to read it, make it extremely available (hence, your picks).

#5. When someone IM's you with a clear and polite question, be friendly and approachable. The person is obviously interested in your products, and took the time to teleport to your store location and browse a little. Be grateful for the traffic. If it's a really stupid question with the answers completely surrounding them on a bunch of signs, even then it's possible that the textures didn't rez, and you should answer in as patient a way as possible and encourage them to read signage. Everyone's feelings do matter, and a happy customer is obviously going to be more likely to share their new find with their friends.

#6. If you are very solid and very committed to your policies, or you simply can't do anything about the problem they are having, try to compromise. Maybe offer a discount, give them an item out of your lucky chair (hey it's free anyway). Paranoia is not attractive. There are scammers out there, yes, but for the most part people are genuinely trying to find an equitable arrangement. Giving away items has absolutely no cost to you, and can only result in a more satisfied customer, who, even if they're still sulking about whatever you were not able to give them, will at least not slander your name. Obviously, the desired result is a happy and excited customer who will be delighted to spread your name around and bring more traffic to you. Not to teach a person a lesson, nor to make a point, nor to save yourself pennies.

#7. Make your items clearly labeled with the customer in mind. Alright, maybe SSWZDllDress 0867 makes perfect sense to you, but not everyone is inside your head. If it's labeled something on the vendor/sign/board, label it the same way in the inventory. If it comes in multiple color combinations, make sure the colors are labeled too! There are many simple formulas and ways that other designers work with variations, most of the time going from the most basic first, and then down the line of details "Victorian Top Hat: Black/Black/Copy". First black is the base of the hat, second black the hat band, third the permission. Simple, easy, and if you forget your own arcane organization you can remember it pretty easily again.

I know to any designers reading this, this might seem like the most ridiculously obvious thing in the world. But if you can believe it, I actually had a shopping experience with a designer who violated every... single... one. And I needed a place to just vent, and to rant, and to share it with you because I'm sure everyone has had a couple of nasty experiences (you can't be a die hard shopper and not). I haven't decided whether or not to disclose the identity of the person I'm talking about, because I don't believe in slander, but I feel like letting you know who might encourage the designer to change their ways. Or if not that, at the very least warn you against purchasing there. For now I shall give the gift of anonymity, and I hope my advice is helpful to folks out there :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rose Necklaces

It's been a productive, yet horribly dull day. It's been a day for grunt work and sweat. Organizing my inventory, but mostly, doing alternate colorations of items. Dear folks who are going into business, or thinking of selling their things... be wary of alternate versions. They... are...dull/tedious/mind numbing, and the number one reason why people make things mod.

BUT!! I give to you, my noble people, and lovely readers of this humble web-log..

The lovely and elegant and fairy-fabulous Rose Necklace! In TWENTY COLORS

Yes, twenty. And the white tipped ones happen to be my personal favorite, they look simply divine and absolutely gorgeous. And believe me, the knowledge that you'll be happy and grateful to me for making said divine colors is the only thing that's pulling me through doing 80 variations of the Harajuku. I earned my money today XD

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Titania and Oberon

It took me long enough! But I was determined to get these out the day after the Masque, and so I did.

I am proud to give to you, the next in a glorious future of sculpted masks... the rulers of the Seelie and the elfin worlds... Titania and Oberon, the King and Queen of the Fae. Presented for the first time at the totally awesome Midsummer Night's Dream Masquerade to the King and Queen of the evening, they can now be yours, and after a unanimous vote... forever yours. People couldn't bear the thought of having them be a limited edition, and so please enjoy, and may they ever reign happily in my store ^.^ Seriously, not a single person wanted them to be limited edition.

I've been taking pictures of them, literally all day, and yet they were all... too artistic for use as a vendor photo. So I apologize if these are not the best in contrast or in composition... All of the really good ones I couldn't keep my hands off of. I have a very strict policy about shooting all of my items under the same conditions, with the same background, and same lighting. It allows complete and total honesty... and yet as I took pictures of these masks I craved to play. So I shall be sharing my Flickr pictures with you as well as the vendor ones :)

As they say... pictures say a thousand words.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh... my... gosh.

WHAT a party. It was so chaotic and so blindingly fabulous with so many people and so many things I didn't do half the things I thought I was going to! I completely forgot the fireworks, never got a chance to do the trivia, forgot to put up pose balls for souvenir portraits and ended up not dj-ing... and no one cared. The party was that awesome without it.

Not dj-ing? quoi? It all begins with a little story about Siyu having a trusted program decide that things are obviously not the same that they were yesterday, and completely fail to load >.< that trusted program was the broadcasting one... naturally. After spending hours picking out special fairy music, and spending a full on hour and a half trying to get the program to work while the party was going, the patient and incredible life-saving Vivianne Draper filled the air waves with catchy Irish jigs and reels.... and thus she has earned herself muchas thankas points and pretty much every pirate hat I make for the next month and a half.

Folks delighted in seeking out "a little western flower/Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound," that I set out as a scavenger hunt (and you guys all got to play Puck to my Oberon! so Kewl! I'm a dork), and they got to pick a civetta, columbina, any of the rose items or 10 transferable red stem roses as their prizes. It seemed like a really well "difficultied" thing, because enough people got them and enough people had trouble finding it. YAY!(*is all proud*)

I've actually left the scavenger hunt up, I think for the next day, so if you missed the party but still want free goodies, you can scout around the island for them. They're on my half, no higher than 35 alt so they shouldn't be too tricky ;) Once you find them, put them in a folder labeled with your name and then let me know which prize you want :)

But oh.. my... god... the COSTUMES. I took, and I am not exaggerating in any way... almost 300 pictures. I couldn't stop myself. Everyone seriously looked amazing and it was so hard to resist. There were brilliant colors, wings everywhere, gorgeous masks and even... here's where you know you're raising the bar... well dressed men. In fact, the votes for best male and female were so incredibly varied over all of the amazing outfits that I had to do a re-tally for the top males (yes, they really WERE that well dressed). In the end, I had votes for no less than twenty six different people. That's why the folks who won truly earned their masks tonight...

We can officially congratulate Norathiel Silvera and Aradia Dielli in knocking the socks off of everyone

(Nora hadn't quite positioned the mask right, don't worry noses aren't supposed to poke out like that)

As their prizes, they won what was at the time, limited edition masks... but after a unanimous and overwhelming vote *blushes* I've decided to make them normal retail. May they live happily forever in my store's inventory :) You can see them here as a preview... the incredible sculpted Titania and Oberon masks.

I actually had an unusually high amount of "Designer" turn out o.o I know it's odd to say this, but it was practically like the Linden Lifestyles ball all over again. We had Miriel Enfield (who had the most incredible and unique costume), Azriel Demains (who was one of those 4 exquisitely dressed menfolk), a couple of other folks who own stores, Eolande, and even Caliah Lyon, whose outfit I completely adored because it was just about 14 degrees away from being identical to mine. Lol, and Munchflower Zaius showed up to crash the chat fest afterward and was decidedly piratey and un-fairy like XD We love her anyway. Ok enough name dropping, I'm starting to sound like a celebrity rag-sheet "Anybody Who's Anybody In Second Life Was There!". Really I'm just completely amazed and flattered, seeing as how I know just how rare it is that I myself get my preoccupied and multitasking butt off of my build spot.

I did a huge amount of last minute crunch time building for this ball, so things have been stuck in the pipeline of releases. I promise at the very least SOME thing will be released tomorrow :)

The decorations will be up for the next week.. possibly even permanently, there were a lot of people who said they preferred the event hall that way and I might even take a vote. I also re-worked all of my rocks! I now have more realistic waterfall terraforming for about a fifth of the prims :) Hurray!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So I finally got out of my stupid rut as far as my Titania and Oberon masks went. Lol, and not a minute too soon, since I'm going to be giving a pair out as prizes for the best male and female costumes. I have so much work to do!

It's a happy busy though.

Oh dear lord the inspiration and oh god the feeling of a time crunch, even though there isn't really any limit, I just feel like there's so much to make... I guess I'm worried about forgetting it all ^^;

From big projects like Horus and Garuda (an Indian pheonix-like god I got a comission for) to a zillion tiny ones like rose leg wraps and necklaces I have soooo much stuff to do... if anyone finds me saying I have no inspiration just kick me. Hard. And I swear, inspiration will fall out of me like pixie dust and people will start floating around and building things. I need a couple more me's that are run solely on the power of gummy worms and adrenaline to delegate things to.

There are also, sadly, things that have been completed or are so ridiculously near to completion there's no excuse for me not having them out. A couple of these things being:
That Victorian Parasol
A beautiful sculpted cloak and cowl Domino that matches the Venetzia masks(made for a woman but works on a man)
Sculpted fae horns
The simple stem roses

and oi... just... lots to do. It'll be wonderful to just kick back and completely rock tonight. I've got my playlist worked out, my scavenger hunt to set up.. oh it's going to be fun.

I'm a tired but excited Siyu

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hi hi to the world :) It was my birthday today, so I have been celebrating in real life, and will be celebrating with all you guys on the 19th (Tuesday) at 7-10PM SLT (in case you could have possibly forgotten XD)

So obviously I haven't worked much, but I will say to you guys I put out "Buy All" options for the rose items and I've been working on adding the new rose colors to the Harajuku Top Hat. Ye gods that's tedious work, worse even than organizing inventory. Inventory organization at least keeps you on your toes with things you forgot existed and wondering where this or that came from and how on earth are you going to categorize this or that... but doing multiple colors involves real repetition... blah. The things I do for you people! ;)

My mother gave me three incredibly fabulous hats for my birthday. They are out there. I realized I dress like a flamboyant septuagenarian IRL and I love it XD So be expecting some RL inspired haute couture hats with sculpted brims and flowers etc.

I have some ideas for more fairy things, and I apologize that my scope of vision is just a bit too big to allow me to finish them in time for my Masquerade. It just means that I'll be putting up a new collection ^_^

Horus is being worked on, I haven't forgotten him, but I'm having problems. I want to make him an obvious addition to the set, and yet with sculpted prims it feels very tempting to do something radically different. I know I'll pull it off, just at the moment I've got to work out how ^_^ But yes, Horus is coming, and he'll be your very last chance at an Egyptian God. I've decided solidly that there will be only three... three is such a nice number!

So many ideas... and so little... oh wait :) I do have time, I just have to figure out which one of these kegs of inspirations I'd like to tap ^_^

(Quick shout out to Iris Ophelia, happy birthday Gemini sister!! *her birthday was yesterday*)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Roses ARE Blue.. Violets are... too?


A promise delivered, I give you juuust under the wire, delightful fairyful formal things :) First, an elegant and essential accessory for any gentleman of dignity, a boutineer:

Next... the revisiting of the very first thing I ever sold to anyone! Very much improved from the original, in a very big way. It was taken off of the shelf way back when when I became dissapointed by its quality, and yet unmotivated to give it a makeover. I'm glad I waited. Truly a very period and fairy piece, garlands of flowers were worn in the hair by young women who were pure or virginal. Obviously you don't need to be a virgin to wear these :)~

Lastly, the fairy-est thing of them all:
These are just plain yummy. With vines wrapped about your wrists and roses at your hands, truly you look like you crafted your clothing with the surrounding foliage... just like a real fairy ;) Yummy flexi ties and a little knot, these look beautiful with colorful wings and the rose wreath.

They currently come in seven colors, but very soon I'll be upping the variety up to 20! Including peach, pastels, and even bicolors :) But that is going to have to wait a little, I have a lot of work yet to do on the Masquerade!

June 19th 7-10pm SLT, it's also going to be an in world celebration of my actual birthday! :) But don't worry, you don't have to bring presents XD (just bring you :)

(and I actually mean it, by bring yourself, my RL b-day parties have had a history of being rather... sparsely populated (small in quantity, good in quality though). I don't get out much XD So it'll mean a lot to have you guys there :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feelin' Like Martha Stewart

I decorated the event hall today :) I'm getting all ready for my big fabulous masquerade ^.^ I hope you guys have your wings ready!

Like I said, I'm working on fairy stuff, and even fairy ears! But there have been some odd cases of mesh transparency and texture wrap glitches, so even though they should have been done a while back, they need tweaking >.<

Also, I'm sure you guys have probably discovered this glitch already, but it's definitely one of the more amusing ones...

We can cross our eyes now XD I had trouble working today because I kept cracking me up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Artistic Works

Guess who became a victim of prim-botox next?

Eliza got a face lift XD This hat is now what I always dreamt of it being.... True Fabulous. It's a near perfect replica of the original, as much as I can do without being able to actually create convincing flexible ostrich feathers (I think I did a great job with it anyway >.>) I've been wearing this hat ever since I first fit it to my head, and dear lord I love it so... it features the new sculpted roses, a sculpted brim, and even a sculpted lace "hair bonnet" and lumpy scarf around the main crown of the hat. There is a bit of alpha flicker for folks who have a lot of alphas in the upper top of the hair, but for most updo's and bangs there shouldn't be any sort of problem. I love this hat.

In other news, I am now officially a contributing artist to the Second Life 4th Birthday celebration! I have both my own little plot on the SL 04 sim chunk, and a little place for my new sculpted roses at the Crescent Moon Museum's plot, run by Tayzia Abbatoir. Shashona Epsilon was an absolute peach to invite me, and I was very flattered. On the SL 04 spot, you can see the Anubis mask again, as well as some photography I've only shown on Flickr.

I love the display I did for my roses so much, that I have actually set it up outside my store in the cherry tree garden. It'll only be up for a little, so don't miss it :)

I've also been working on decorations for the Midsummer Night's Dream Masquerade!! Yes, it's almost time for that! I've been working on getting appropriate music, working on masks (just havent been released yet), and even fae horns, which I'll be working on later tonight ^.^ I'm going to give you fairy things... and a place to wear them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Love the Skin You're In

I can sort of understand people getting tattoos of names of loved ones... It symbolizes permanence and commitment.. I sort of understand people getting skulls and things permanently added to their skin... but the thing I understand most is the use of tattoos as a celebration of the body. Just like a flattering waistline decorates you, curling lines accentuating your form celebrate one's humanity in a unique way ^.^

So far, only one creator on Second Life seems to agree with me, in fact, she practically wrote the book on it.

If you've ever been to Deviant Kitties, or any "deviant", "gothic", "grunge", any place at all that isn't couture and shows a bit of shoulder, you've probably seen one of Sinjun Soyur's elegant and expertly rendered designs. She runs a modest little store called Etch'd (once "Ink'd" with her partner Laylah Mistral), that has a selection of about 20-25 different patterns (and some fun chunky heavy weave socks), and most of them are new. I've been an enormous fan of hers since I first discovered her through a photography customer (now friend ^.^), and the last time I visited her store she had only just split her inventory and gone out on her own. I had the pleasure of meeting her then, and I think I remember expressing my love for her full body tribal tattoos... well anyway, if I didn't say it, she was thinking it, because she's answered my prayers and completely splurged on delicious, wonderful, beautiful patterns to adorn yourself with.

I tried to do a simple, straight forward photoshoot, and ended up loving these pictures so much I had to edit them... art made me do it! The tattoos shown up at the top are the "Sin's Henna" set above, tinted white to stand out against Nomine's black Aether skin. So far... I can't take them off. Sinjun Soyer made them as a personal set, and got too many requests to buy that she simply had to put them out for sale. And you can see why... the back is incredible, definitely my favorite part, and the front has beautiful curling lines, as well as a rather daring pair of nipple tattoos... Very daring, a bit daring than I was feeling, hence you have to deal with the pretty back. But it's truly stunning. The second tattoo shown right above is simply called "Celestial", which I layered with Sin's celtic armband tattoos. They're all included on as many clothing layers as allowed too so feel free to layer your heart out ^.^

All of them come in an incredibly unique and authentic looking shade of washed out gray, so you really feel like they've been on your skin. Anyone who's worn henna or tattoos knows that tattoos deefinitely don't stay black for long. Sh also uses an absolutely beautiful variance of dark and light to create emphasis for certain strokes... obviously you see that I can't gush enough. BUT there is a little rain cloud...My favorite tattoos are the ones that cover the entire body, and a lot of times that includes the neck... Something that became painfully obvious is that Sinjun Soyer wears chokers. There's a very strong "t-shirt" line where the shirt mesh ends on the neck for many of her top tattoos (but the seams from shirt to pant layers are done very nicely). I don't like looking like I have a tattoo collar, but since all of the tattoos are mod (and did I mention tintable!?), a quick slip of the slider can create a more natural fade down the neck.

I frankly don't care if you don't like tattoos IRL, I mean they're painful, they're permanent, most of them are ugly... but that means you have absolutely no excuses to not like these ^_^ They're gorgeous, they make YOU look gorgeous, painless, easily swapped out for new ones, and even modest little arm bands are perfectly decent for formal occasions...

Speaking as normally the most modest digital lady around... I command you to celebrate your skin <3

SLurl: "Etch'D"
Shown: Sin's Henna, Celestial... Hair by DK "Cheyenne", and Kin "Ash". Black skin by Nomine

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Illusions gets a Makeover!

Because makeovers are fun. Notice anything different? I now have a super-ultra sexy banner up top and it's PRETTY!

It's been a very long time since I made something that I felt was iconic and a symbol of my business, and the new Columbina and Civetta masks I feel have an incredible timelessness. With the advent of sculpted prims, it almost makes all of my other masks (except a select few) look crude and shoddy. So with my proudest creations on display, I did a long and drawn out photoshoot, and even grabbed my friends Iris Ophelia and Candy Flanagan into it for a mask-ariffic threesome...

And since I was having so much fun, I re-did my profile picture and made a beautiful, all purpose ad...

All of these are even more spectacular when you zoom in on em, so click away, it's worth it <3

Plus, what do you guys think of the new tag line? ^.^ I'm very very pleased with it, and after bouncing it off of a few people I think it pretty much sums up what I'm all about :) I'm not just a mask maker... I want you to feel and look like a work of art. Much love and happy feelings abound.

I'm a very proud Siyu :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

The New.. Improoved...

I've always been very happy with my roses, those little details I pop on every now and then to hats. It was the very first thing I ever made on Second Life and it made me realize I can really do this building thing after all! I was impressed with myself and so I kept going... I made rose crowns out of them, it was also the very first thing I ever sold to someone, for a whopping 200L (as a noob, I was totally like OMG!). Those rose crowns also weighed in at a whopping 214 prims each, and thus became a long and time honored tradition of mine to be a complete and total prim whore.

But with sculpted prims about, my old beloved noobie roses looked crude, sharp and pieced together.

It was time for something new:

These I pieced together from individually modeled sculpted petals, because I am a crazy perfectionist. And this crazy perfectionism is what makes me so happy to offer some of the best crafted things on Second Life, if I do say so myself ^.^ I pour a lot of love and time into my items, and it makes me darn happy. So despite the fact I've always said I had the best roses on Second Life, I had to out-do myself and make them again.

I'll be releasing them as red stem roses, open and closed, as well as boutineers and hair roses, maybe even wedding bouquets, and anything else you'd like me to make them as :) I am not offering them individually for sale yet, I haven't decided on a price and need to do pictures, but here are the colors that will be available ^.^ Speak up if you don't see your favorite...

Gah, it pains me to add yellow to ANY set of colors, but they do exist in nature unlike.. er... blue... View this picture larger to see better details, the smaller blog format makes some of the colors seem blotted ^.^

Speaking of things that have been renewed and reborn...

Top hats ^.^ Sculpted prims finally gave me a solid excuse to completely overhaul my designs, so now the Sabrina and the Harajuku have a definitely shinier, more professional look, with brand new custom made textures just for them, with sculpted brims:

As you can see the new Harajuku has the new roses on it, and they look absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. Using Miriel's new vending system, I can now offer them in the seven different rose colors you see up there without wearing myself out silly with vending pictures and plugging them into the other vendor. I'll probably keep the Drifting Thoughts vendor for the "old" mask designs, but I'll also be re-doing my other selections. Watch out veils.. you're next!

I've also decided to rename the "Gothic Top Hat" as the "Victorian Top Hat"
I'll be releasing those Victorian Parasols soon, I promise! But again, my crazy perfectionism gets in the way :)

Customers who bought the designs before can get a free upgrade! IM me, and after proving ownership (by wearing it is the easiest way) I'll fob it over and you can rock the new look ;) The prices are also the same, so essentially you're just getting a much better hat now....

So, despite all of the crazy chaos of Second Life today, (oh, god, how did we survive?.... addiction..) I've managed to accomplish quite a bit

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Long Awaited Iconic Mask

Everyone knows the beautiful, stunning setting of the Opera Populaire in Intemptesta Nox... but not everyone knows of the Phantom that lives below it...

From Andrew Lloyd Webber's interpretation of Gaston Lereux's morbid "Angel of Music", since it has become an icon and immediately recognized mask (at least in American culture, I won't speak for everyone else's ^.^), I offer you with pride and many happy feelings... The Phantom of the Opera Mask...

But since this is Second Life... it's the Phantom of the Opera Populaire ^.^

No, sorry ladies, this heart throb isn't available.. I have a fiance and I'm quite happy being a woman XD But he certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as nice looking without a generous and sweet donation by Munchflower (of Nomine)... but she did get a bunch of goodies for her trouble >.>

The best thing... I tell you, the best thing about this mask being released... is that no one will ever ask me again to make one! <3

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A New Age of Yummy

I know my little "secret project" wasn't really THAT secret... I mean come on... sculpted prims come, and oh, lots of fabulous hats, but where's my signature piece? Where is the very thing my entire business is built around? Where is the symbol of Illusions, the item which makes me unique, and sought out for events of mystery and elegance?


It took me many many drafts, hundreds in upload fees, but it's been perfected. Sculpted masks...

Inspired by the Venetian style, I offer to you Columbina and Civetta...

The Columbina name reflects the shape of the mask, as masks that cover the nose yet don't cover the cheeks are normally the signature of a Commedia Del'Arte character named Columbina. She is a flirtatious and savvy little wench who is most famous for her intelligence and her biting wit. The mask is intended for a woman only by character, because it looks just as good on a man.

The Civetta Mask is shown here in the variety of accents and colors I'm offering it in. My usual black and white, as well as silver and gold. "Civetta" in Italian literally means "owl", and these masks are called that in reference to their similarity to the large round "ear disks" around an owl's eyes. This mask comes down around the cheeks and is the ultimate unisex mask, as it has not the slightest hint of gender association. Isn't that marvelous?

I wanted to introduce the new generation of masks with some pizazz, but the plain models of just the shape will be offered within the next day, probably. This truly is a new era of mask making for me, as these shapes will find themselves transformed in a myriad of patterns and personalities to become truly authentic venetian masks, and masks of my own fantasies and devices. Look out Venetian Mascareri's... here I come!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Siyu Direction

Things have just been going my way lately!! I talked to the ever helpful and informative Miriel who passed on the wonderfully clever way Nephilaine Protagonist has been protecting her sculpted prims, and so now I need not worry about making mine mod!! I'm absolutely delighted at this, and the news couldn't be better... I guess the pirate stuff I've already released is still at risk, but only from the people who've already bought it.. for I've replaced them with the safer versions :)

Here's the trick for those of you who want to protect your own sculpted prims and yet have them mod: Make it a targa, and make the whole thing alpha channeled. I was worried it was going to ruin the shape, but nope! nada! And of course it probably won't stop the people who really are hardcore about getting to it, but that goes for everything.

My project that I haven't disclosed quite yet is going VERY well, today was a good day for development, made a couple of new textures and new forms and variations, and I think it's almost ready for release. Maybe even expect tomorrow for quite the ground breaking addition to my collection...

I also have something delightfully well timed to share... as soon as I logged on today after posting below about the Bast mask, someone IM'd me absolutely begging and dying to buy it! I KNEW there was someone out there it was waiting for, and we both remarked delightedly upon her luck and how wonderful it was that the right person was going to get it :) So, I can now say that the Bast mask is officially sold out, and so this Sunday you can expect the release of Horus.

I'd better get to work on him then O.o

Monday, June 4, 2007

So the great mystery of the exporting textures was revealed, (finally figured it out on my own), yet problems arose in the application of them, since what I wanted to use them on as a sort of unique construction... Aaaah well, all good things are worth working for, right?

Alright, so I didn't put the parasol out today. I took a Siyu Day, went shopping, hung around my island listening to music and idly terraforming, took some pretty pictures and then returned to my First Life to do some cuddling and cleaning. It was a much needed break after that furious flurry of festive frippery.

You know what's odd, is that there is still ONE Bast mask left and I'm wondering who it's waiting for. Is there someone out there who just hasn't found me yet? Who's dreaming and wishing to become the famed cat goddess? Probably. I probably have to start work on Horus first in order to have that one sell, and hey, this time it'll have sculpies ;)

And lol, as if I didn't have enough projects in the air, I'll be starting work on the Elven series soon, i've been playing with wavies, organic shapes and embellishments and it should be tres nummy ;)

Alright, that's it for today, I'm buggering off!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


There is some sort of state of mind brought on by forced self tuition, which I have now officially dubbed Tutorial Zombie. I am currently in this state of mind.

I have a rather realistically optimistic view on a very yummy project, that if I could read the right literature, could actually completely cement my position as the only mask maker on SL and might actually get my name bigger than it already is. (Although I must say, being THE pirate outfitter is very fun, and that's had quite a much needed influx of ze munnay since it's the end of the month and rent is due). Here's my get rich quick, crush my competition scheme...

No I'm not going to tell you. Lol, but I will show you in some grand unveiling that... oh... might happen at some nearby event, who knows.

But I will share that it involves UV wrapped textures in Zbrush and I'm putting out a desperate call to anyone who can pass me a link to a good, full tutorial on getting an unwrapped painted uv texture out of Zbrush and into Photoshop. A free Captain's hat is in it for you for your trouble, and a Deluxe Captain's Hat if you're good enough at Zbrush to tell me yourself! (Disclaimer: These tutorials have to actually work, lol). (And no, I shall not accept tutorials in Modo or Maya or any other 3d renderer, I've SEEN the feature in Zbrush and goddamnit I'm going to learn how to use the bloody thing).

EDIT:: I've just found out that Photoshop CS3 could also be a very viable solution to the whole texture wrap problem, but if I don't have to pay for an upgrade I'd rather not :)

Speaking of tutorials... right now, if I see another nicely bulleted step by step instruction on how to do something I'm gonna kick it. I'm gonna kick it, and then I'm going to take off my boot and use it as a pillow and sleep 'cause darn my Tutorial Zombie brain is tired...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

So I was mindin' my own business, trying to figure out a way to fit some extra wall space into my store, when Mr. Krimson Gray of "Rendili Creations" decides to give me a full perm leather glove texture that he made in exchange for a Fabulous hat. Well I've never been one to turn down such a lovely and well timed gift, so I can finally offer you... the Cavalier Gauntlets!! mmm YUMMY!

While Raven Pennyfeather was going to oblige me with a lovely texture, have no fears those who were brought joy by the thought of our collaboration ^.^ We're still definitely going to work together, this was just an unexpected boon of timing.

I realized that in my exquisitely architectured Temple to Beauty that is my main store building... it's actually pretty poorly designed as far as the concept of the Second Life Store goes.. To wit, WALL SPACE. So I was examining cheats or possible ways of edifice editing, and found that a plane of glass placed between two pillars was quite sufficient to give me some surface. So once I'm done with the pirate stuff (for now) I'm going to throw it up on that wall. Let me know if you can't find it O.o

I also bring to you a preview of a Victorian goodie which has been a rather long work in progress (not as long as some, but yes, quite long)

I was going to put it out tonight but ran into some unexpected glitches. Things got moved around, and the script is different perms than I thought it was... So it needs to be stuck back on the workbench for a little. But yes, this is the pretty that will be out soon (probably tomorrow)