Friday, March 16, 2007

Wilted Rose

For a while it's been THE name in affordable goth, and for some reason I've never been! The generous and understanding Rose Columbia has provided us dark minded folks with a series of 1L super white skins, and 10L hair packs with 39 colors. It's extremely hard to do subtle shading on white skins, so for people who are extremely picky about what goes on to their avatar, they probably won't be too happy. There isn't much detail and there isn't much shading going on, but considering the picky will probably be willing to spend more than 1L, how could anyone complain!? And did I mention these skins are 1L?

I also am VERY happy with the cheapie hair I picked up, this is "Whispies" in black.

I also was happy to pick up a beautifully crafted and nicely proportioned silver ankh necklace, very similar to one I actually own IRL, for only 100L. Beautiful chain work, drapes nicely, and is a subtle, blingless (yay) option for those of us out there who like to be gothic without screaming it from the hills.

Rose Columbia's store is nicely remodeled, with an absolute must-visit Freebie room, that includes the above mentioned 1L skins, and also the wares of the now sadly retired Sarabi Spatula, a name I quite fondly remember from my newbie days of yore. Her funky and original jewelry is now available at discount in the newbie room(which includes kiwi slice earrings and earrings shaped like lucky chairs).

Wilted Rose also has a lovely collection of inexpensive wings and scarves and even top hats and masks! Although of course, I have to say that I still don't have competition for my masks, and the top hats are inexpensive alternatives to mine, if you're not.. *sniffs* happy with mine!

SlURL: Wilted Rose - Bloom County


▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Siyu, a joy chatting with you yesterday, and acquiring a Harajuku Hop Hat. I'm pleased to observe it goes beyond the usual "put a squashed and hollowed cylinder" together, and the roses are a nice touch. Here's what I did with it, and I hope to be wearing it soon (because I'm crazy about headgear).

The only other thing I'd suggest is because of the prim placement, I noticed a gap in the brim (on the side opposite the feathers + roses), but thankfully the hat was moddable, so I was able to patch this up.

Your blog's off to a great start!

Nef said...

Lol!! Oh GOODNESS that's a flamboyant and fabulous hat. I wish more people made it theirs like that!! I too possess a rampant hat fetish, and hopefully many others on SL are the same... >.> I've never noticed a gap, but I'll check it out... if it's bad it won't be pleasant fixing all those hats O.o

(and thank you, you're my first commenter!!)

▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Siyu, you're welcome. =)

If you need any help finding the gap, let me know.