Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beginning of Something Good

Last night, the event hall was christened with a rocking party, with a modest yet loyal and awesome attendance. Despite a slew of technical glitches (such as a haunted microphone that couldn't be turned off, muted music, a mute money sploder and lag and frequent crashes), they came, they saw, they partied. Dancers delighted in the ghostly forms of enormous Koi swimming beneath their feet, and felt delicious as they enjoyed the new Sine Wave dances in the dance ball that made them move beautifully to original and interesting music choices. It was so much fun, it made me decide to make this a regular thing:

From now on, every other Tuesday there will be a shindig get together, with drumming and dancing and fish. That would mean the next party will be Tuesday March 27th, and since the 7-10pm SLT time slot is working very well so far, that's when this one will be as well. An event hall this awesome just HAS to be used ;)

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