Monday, March 5, 2007

The Beginning!

This is the first post by Siyu, the creator of *~*Illusions*~*. I'm one of Second Life's only mask makers, and the only one who uses only prims to build them. I have branched out into various gothic and elegant accessories.

I'm also a horrible clotheshorse and shopping addict, like many people on Second Life. However, my tastes tend toward the fantastic and the gothic, and I've noticed many other people falling into that niche. In addition to giving updates on new creations and releases, I intend to give reviews and raves on the various stores that win my heart over by having a touch of the elegant and exotic.

I've been inspired by the lovely and entertaining ladies over at Linden Lifestyles and I would like to provide a service to my fellow folk who would rather dress like it's Halloween or a Masquerade Ball every single day. To my knowledge there isn't a gothic/formal wear fashion blog out there yet! I wish to remedy this.

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