Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Freebie Guide for the Discerning Newbie

I don't know about you guys when you were little newblets, but I was damn picky when
it came to freebies!! I have to say, since I'm such an insane organiza-holic, I hated going through the hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of crap that I had invited into my inventory. And yet, I was new, so I found anything at all to be better than what I was currently wearing. So, I would have killed for something like what I have created: a guide to freebies and cheapies for the discerning newbie. In it, I have included high-end and talented designers who have blessed us and the cheapskate within us with cheap clothing whose quality far outstrips their price.

Freebie Stores of Quality:

The GNUbie Store - If you don't know this store already, shame shame! Now you do. An organized effort of designers across SL to provide you, the person low on cash, with beautiful and fair quality clothes, shoes, hair, vehicles, textures and homes. A must-get for gothic ladies, do NOT miss the Deadly Nightshade pack, and men, don't miss the male section upstairs, or Panache's to-die-for freebie hairs.

The Free Dove - Same deal as the Gnubie Store, an organized effort of fashion designers especially, definitely more aimed at women though there are some things for men there. THIS is the place to get yourself fun shoes, random tops and outfits, and freebie hair and vouchers from a dozen different designers. You won't be able to organize your inventory easily after visiting this place.

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise - Perhaps a more typical freebie place, it DOES seperate itself from the pack by having more of the higher quality freebies than lower. It also allows you to pick and choose, rather than just lumping everything in a box and dumping it in your inventory, which you won't sort until you've been on SL for a year and a half. They have everything, shoes, skins, clothes, hair, avatars, tails, lingerie and even silks. Again, there's more girl's stuff than men's here, but men aren't completely forgotten. Men have a modest collection of men's casuals and a few body "bits" if you get my meaning. You can also find textures and pets.


*Torrid Wear* - A very high end designer of women's casual/punk/goth clothes, retired from fashion so ALL of her clothing is 50L and under! Just an incredible price for incredible clothes, you'll just wish there was more. Truly this is cheapie crack.

Charlotte Hausdorff Fashion (CH) - If you need naughty clothing or you're a lady on the preppy side of things, CH will be your hero. She has some of the least expensive skins on the market, and she has a freebie section with a modest selection of cheapies and freebies for you!

::BareRose:: - If someone asked me what I thought was the largest and most popular store on SL, without a second thought I would say Barerose. They have the largest concentration of awesomeness in the virtual world, and if any place deserves the term "mecca", it's B@R. Their prices aren't exactly freebie price (although they do have a freebie corner, and a 10L store), but their prices are so insanely low for the quality of work you're getting (125L for a full color pack of gothic wear you'll worship and adore), I'd be a horrible person if I didn't list them here. From conservative to uber goth, to ethereal elf lady to cyber queen, from slinky lingerie and swimwear to traditional Japanese kimono, they have something for EVERYone.

Upload Fee Only (UFOnly) - Now THIS was a smart idea. Everything in the store is priced at exactly what it cost to make it. If it's shirt, it's 10L. If it's a shirt/pant/jacket set, it's 30L. Basically, 10L per thing you're getting. The quality is good, if not jaw dropping, but for 10L you can't complain, even if after this list you're completely and totally spoiled.


Grendel's Children - Perhaps the best place to get "creatures" on SL, the kind and oh so underselling Flea Bussy hardly has anything over 400L, which is ridiculous because almost all of her creations mean hours of work and have even custom AO's. If you're picky, maybe not all of her work will be to your liking, but there ARE some real hits rather than misses there. She has a freebie avatar vendor, and some avatars that are 10L and 20L, but also check out my favorite avatars of hers: the Deep Sea Siren (95L), the Hermit Crab (130L) (oh so cute!), and the American Crow(250).

Hair and Body:

Here Comes Trouble - One of my favorite hair designers who has 5 1L FULL color packs, which means over 50 colors of each hair style in 2 sizes. You'll leave all haired out without paying more than 4L. But don't leave before you see the wall of eyes... about 90% of which are an unarguable 10L each!! (Also has a range of inexpensive casuals and formals, and even facial hair for guys!)

Wilted Rose - THE place for inexpensive gothic and random accessories, the generous Rose Columbia has an entire Freebie Room full of 1L skins with varying nifty gothic makeup, lucky chair, and beautiful hair styles in the hair room for 10L and under!


Alienbear Designs - One of the best jewelry stores on SL, with some of the most anal retentive prim work that even makes ME go "wow...". Her store shuffles it's selection a little too much, but something that always stays is the beautiful and incredible 10L/freebie sets that are just jaw dropping.

Lassitude & Ennui - An absolutely stunning range of gothic jewelry, but in particular, a freebie "signature" set in gold, black and silver. Simple and elegant, great for casual, everyday wear. Also, check out their boots, they aren't cheap but they ARE awesome.

If you've found an outstanding store that has cheapies or freebies, I'd be happy to check it out to see if it's appropriate to add to the list! You can IM me in world (Siyu Suen) or leave a comment here ^.^


Anonymous said...

We moved, pssst!

It's in the sim Avaria now! ;)

Anonymous said...

We've got a whole list of freebies/newbie stuff on Google Docs

Nef said...

Ohhhhh thank you Tanya! I'll definitely investigate, at first glance there are definitely some great names in there!

Bettina Tizzy said...

Oh, how I wish I had seen this article when I was a newbie! Terrific post and agree with your resources.

Anonymous said...

WOW Barerose is sweet
so many really nice avs for most of them 150, a few 180 and a few 110