Monday, March 26, 2007

Fatal Attention to Detail

He's been blogged quite a bit, despite the all too tiny selection in his modest store in Nomine. Fatal Raine, who runs a little gothic punk corner store called Legend, might just be as crazy about tiny prims as I am! In fact, I think he's worse! Referred by Mourna Biziou, I had to go and see what the fuss was about. I see piercings (ah blah, simple little things, boring boring), some wrist stuff, spikes, collars... not my style really... and then I see this little gem:

That little dragon HAS to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen on SL. His teeeny teeeeny little claws clutch a modestly animated little globe, and I have to give major props to Fatal Raine. When toruses get that small, you end up using just the very very tip of the tapered shape, and the rotations can get irritating, confusing, and darn right infuriating to work with. That little piece of adorable has got to stand testament to more time than I want to think about. But it was worth it, even if I don't wear it, I just had to HAVE it.

Legend also has a rather refreshingly unique selection of boots and shoes (small selection, but all made with love), and he encourages customers to put their own spin on his sexy, sleek textured tall boots. Legend sells the skin/shoe layer seperately from the prim heels. You pick out a boot skin, and then you pick out the type of heel you'd like to have with it. You have your choices of 6 different styles of heel, some rather outlandishly spiky, but I decided to be a little more "conservative" and go with the "bold" style, which has a nice clunky heel that I felt suited the boot I went with. It's beautifully textured, and the "Trapped" style just goes rippingly with the Ripped Top I blogged from *Torrid*. It's peekaboo, so normally you can see flesh or colored tights through it.. in this pic I'm wearing it with the Striped Fishnets in black and white from Curious Kitties and I think it couldn't look any smecksier.

And these SHOES... I don't even like backless heels!

What on earth am I doing with these! I couldn't resist them, is what... they called my name out in their siren song of black and white and scrollies. These are the "Crossbreads" in black (of course), and the laces and the little bow are just chillingly real. They also come in two different heel styles, one chunky platform and the more practical "mini" that I chose. They even have color change laces! I'd just love to see a funky "sneaker heel" done as well as this in real life... I bet it'd be comfy.

"Crossbreads" - 250L
"Trapped" Boot "skin" - 200L
"Bold" Boot Base - 50L
"Dragon's Quarry" Necklace - 300L

SLurl: "Legend: By Fatal Raine"

(Outfit: Hair by Celestial Studios "Tribal Hawk", TorridWear's Ripped Shirt, Pixel Doll's Black "Tutu Skirt", "Maori Tattoos" from InKd, Black and "White Striped Fishnets" from Curious Kitties, "Eris Jacket" by Pixel Dolls)

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