Thursday, March 8, 2007

Island Deliverance!

Carnivale, the island sim generously split with me by the lovely and oh so magnanimous Vanessa Noarlunga, has been delivered to us. For the past two days I have been fervently working on it, and I am still. There will be tweaking to be done, but I'll be making the shift rather suddenly and celebrating it with a huge enormous fabulous masquerade bash Siyu-style. At the moment, I'm going to set the date at Tuesday the 13th at 7-10SLT. The store on the island will probably be open for traffic by this Saturday, but I make no promises on that one. A group notice will be sent out to both Illusions Photography and Masqueraderie when the island is officially open for business.

It's absolutely delightful to have over 4x the prims I did on my last land.... and then have room for 6000 more!

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