Sunday, March 18, 2007

Torrid Bargains!

I've been there before, but I figured it was time to go back. In the recent inventory hiccups, I ended up losing my beloved Huddle, which had all of my modeling poses, ao's, you name it. Luckily and blessed be those designers who make their things copy, I had a backup empty Huddle, and folders of animations to kiss and welcome back home. A few things that I was missing though, were some of my favorite ao overrides from *TorridWear*. So it was about time that I head back there and check in.

There has been a lot of history considering Torrid Midnight's hiatus from Second Life, and the reason she's retired from fashion design. If you're wondering about the whole horrid mess, you can just google "torrid second life" and you'll learn the whole story.

Those of you who took Torrid's side in the feud will be happy to know I saw her at the Bantam Dell Bookshop for Dean Koontz's SL reading, and today when I im'ed her politely for copiable versions of her to-die-for ao and fashion poses, she was online and quite obliging. I also took the chance to give her a thanks, and pretty much bought every piece of clothing I thought I would ever wear in her store, because EVERYTHING is under 50L!!! And I mean everything!! Pants, corsets, full outfits, deliciousness! As you can see, I'm enjoying my new look:

Here's a rundown of the outfit:
Touch of Metallic Jeans
Touch of Metallic Gloves
Chiffon Open Halter

InkD "Dangerous" tattoo
Kin Keiko - "Ren" Hair in Black

And since one outfit just isn't enough:

Ripped Up Gloves
Ripped Up Pants
Ripped Up Shirt

InkD Maori Top and Bottom Tattoos
Suleika Headdress by yours truly :)

These pictures were made with her beautifully subtle and very natural stands, that give just that right amount of attitude and character to an avatar. This will also satisfy my longing and lust for perfectly detailed clothing for a nice long time... give it about 18 hours :) And please, thank and encourage Torrid to stay in business by giving her a visit ^.^

SlURL: *TorridWear* - Chartreuse

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