Monday, March 5, 2007

Bird Brained

Still with the birds, what can I say, I've been inspired. To start with I'd like to introduce you to the Emperor Penguin:

Not only cute, but truly the perfect "formal" mask because you know it looks good with a tux! Comes with a fun little trumpeting authentic Emperor Penguin gesture for its span on the new releases wall, like the Raven. ( Model for this picture: the lovely and mask obsessed Vanessa Noarlunga)

I'd also like to proudly present the Eagle Mask:

124 prims of badass native american medicine awesome, shown here with the Tiya hairstyle from HCT and the Hunter Lady outfit from B@reRose. Works very well on men, but I can't help being enamored of the chance to show a little girl-back.

Emperor Penguin Mask: 475L
Eagle Mask: 975L

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