Monday, March 12, 2007

Sabrina Sabrina

They've been sitting and hiding in my inventory for a bit, so it's time to dust them off and release the new Sabrina top hat. Sabrina Doolittle of the lovely Linden Lifestyles asked me for a custom harajuku hat a little while back, one with a scarf trailing behind, and she told me she had gotten married in a white top hat. It inspired me to create a very feminine and formal millinery dream, in a few extra colors as well as my usual black and white. I also have a white bridal version that's now for sale :)

It also is the perfect cosplay hat for those of you out there who like xXxHolic, as Yuuko wears one extremely similar, and so I did a special coloration out there for you manga fans ;)

My good friend Kriket Pimpernel has created a matching dress, so if you feel the need for an interesting and original cosplay outfit, IM her :)

I'm keeping my hat junkies happy!

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