Thursday, March 15, 2007

Suleika Veil

Suleika, in arabic, means "daughter of the sultan", and this is truly a veil worthy of royalty. My current pride and joy, and the result of more hours of work than I'll readily admit, is this:

It's available in three different metals, silver, tarnished silver (black), and gold .
Each of those metals has a color pack available for 1200, that includes 8 different unique stones, with colored veils to match! If you'd like to tint the veils yourself, you can buy the veil in black or white for 650 each (which come with Howlite and Onyx as their stones). As always, they are mod/copy/no transfer, and if I do say so myself, the prim work is just divine. The headpiece skipped under the link limit at 248, and the veil is 189.

I'm willing to sell the individual stones/colors out of my inv, but I'm not loading up my vendor with all of those buggers! Feel free to IM me, I don't eat avatars whole ^.^ (just minced ;)

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