Friday, October 12, 2007

Update on the sim building... last night it was so late and I was pretty drained so I just crashed o.o But, I'd like to proudly say that had I made a big push to finish tonight I would have been able to finish the whole darn thing in just three days, which is an enormous bragging right. However, Hely's just told me she herself won't be ready till probably Saturday, so.... I have a whole other day.

This changes my schedule quite a bit!

Projected schedule for tonight:

Build, terraform, tree fill, finish architecture


G'night :D

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Anonymous said...

aww, so close! but that's cool that you get another day! Don't want you going ka*plunk!
Hey so check your yahoo e-mail, I sent you one....I might not get to play SL at school....:( so very sad.
SO- other than SL, calling you, and yahoo, what is another way to get my fix of you on a daily basis?!