Saturday, October 13, 2007

After four days of work, the sim is for all intents and purposes done. The build is in place, things are all together, and if it opens tomorrow there will be nothing to be ashamed of. There are always more things to do though, those little things that make it feel lived in and those little spots that can be enhanced to be enchanting, or perfect photo opportunities.

Since the sim is complete, and since you are my beloved blog readers, you get a sneak peek at the new Deviant Kitties sim build.

Shots from the Labyrinth:

Pretty much all of the store area is actually underground, the hair being in an enormous cavern under the labyrinth and the skins down a tunnel in the center of the great tree. TRAP and D3volution are in the Spanish country house, and while the Pale Man's hall way isn't around yet, I've started working on it and creating textures, and there's more tunnels being dug. It's one of those unnecessary detail works that I enjoy so much, that we didn't find an actual use for. But after not being home in Carnivale for 4 days, I miss my flamenco music and my windchimes, and my golden stone buildings and pirate ship. But I'll be back, since I don't think I'll be able to stay away from this place...


Anonymous said...

Wow, it really is reminiscent of Pan's Labyrinth. :D Tasty! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I got to walk around the Deviant Kitties Sim yesterday afternoon and all I can say is......... WOW!!!!

Absolutely beautiful work!!! :-)