Friday, October 26, 2007

I swear, I really haven't abandoned you, especially on today, the day of my midnight masque. I've just been procrastinating posting, forcing myself to do things that are actually work and getting myself to make the pair of masks that will be the prizes for best dressed male and female. The female mask is absolutely gorgeous so far, incredibly regal and definitely fabulous in all senses of the word. The male mask is as of now, non-existent, so I know what I'll be doing a couple hours before the party! o.o

I'm really looking forward to it, it's sure to be sim-crashingly fun, the guest list has been full for weeks, and my guess is that there will be many people up past their bedtime.

In other non-party news, I did another interview (zomg another interview! I feel so famous!!) with Daphne and Tamara of "Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara" and this one is actually a voice podcast that we recorded on skype ^.^ So you can hear my melodious and overly emotive voice as I babble away like a hyperactive monkey on Red Bull.

Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara: Episode 11 "Master of Illusions"

It was an awful lot of fun, and I was completely tickled pink and giggly to talk to them, I think you can tell that we weren't bored by the periodic peals of laughter XD

In the entry, it says that I'm going to be making clothing soon... don't trust that too much ^^; clothing as in the "wearing it on your avi, covering yourself up" definition, yes. But clothing layers and traditional, normal, wear it on your skin clothing? God no and not in this decade. But I have been toying with ideas for fully prim outer wear and sort of "fabric accessories", so it's a bit more of an enhancement of the truth. Definitely not much is happening until I get out of my wiggly worm mentality*.

I'm just going to apologize, I know you guys probably mind too much but I do, for not posting as often as normal. I've felt guilty for not having a release for you guys, when I'm so close to having several, I keep feeling that I can surely put the entry off just one more day until ___ is done. I also have a tendency to escape from SL if it starts to overwhelm me, which hasn't exactly been helping my workload. So, sorry for being such a naughty procrastinator, I try to not to let it happen when it's something I really love and care about.

*Wiggly worm mentality meaning here that I try to do anything at all except work on what I'm supposed to. A classic form of procrastination, sometimes I can be extremely productive and efficient and achieve a lot during this mindset... just never what I was supposed to achieve.

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