Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Ear by Any Other Name Would Still Hear as Well..

Back in May, when sculpties finally arrived, there were three things that I aspired to do, more than any other thing. The first was a full face mask, the Volto, which I was very happy to finally perfect not too long ago. The next was a simple mask form, the civetta and columbina, which was one of the very first things I made since I knew I'd be able to do it. Something I started, and worked on, and went through many drafts of, worked through mesh glitches and needing proper sculpt mirroring, went through draft upon draft of fit, size, shape, texture etc... were ears. I've already shown you a preview way back when, of the pixie ears, which hopefully whetted your appetite. One of the drafts made an appearance in a series of fairy pictures I posted on Flickr. But finally... these ears are now available to you.

There's been no modification of these pictures, even the Pixie ears, that's just how well they blend! They have textures which my friend and skinmeister Selos Dae went over with her mad highlighting skills. Together, we came up with a beautiful, silky smooth and seamless fleshy ear texture, that I could then change the hue of to match 9 natural skin tones and 9 Drow skin tones. Thanks to my extensive skin collection, I was able to provide a list of perfect or near perfect skin tone matches to both :)

For the Natural collection, (from lightest to darkest) these skin tones are:

Cream: Tete a Pied - Vivant "Cream", Deviant Kitties "China", Nomine "China White", Sin Skins "Whisp"

Blush: Nomine "Ultralight", Lovey "Strawberry Milk", Tete a Pied - Vivant "Blush"

Almond: Tete a Pied - Vivant "Almond", Cake - Jessica Series "Pearl", Adam and Eve - Grazia Line "Light"

Sunkissed: Tete a Pied - Vivant "Buff", Celestial Studios - Vogue Line "Pure", Minnu Model Skins "Fair", Naughty Designs - Zoe "Light"

Bronzed: Nomine "Light Med Tan", Nyte'N'Day "Tan"

Tan: Tete a Pied - Vivant "Bronze", Body Politik - Envision "Buff", Nomine "Dark Fawn", Naughty Designs - Dante "Tan"

Cocoa: Tete a Pied - Vivant "Chestnut", Deviant Kitties "Chocolate"

Chocolate: Nomine "Russet"

For the Drow collection, these skin makers are:

Blue Tones: Tete a Pied, Nomine

Purple Tones: Sin Skins, Nomine

Gray Tones: Deviant Kitties, []TRAP[]

There may be more that I'm unaware of, I can't say I researched every tone from every major skin designer. Yet these are the skin tones that I've bought or grabbed demos for and confirmed that they are an excellent if not perfect match. I'm also offering custom skin tone matching :) Grab a notecard in the store for more info, if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

A major provided of Drow skin's is E's - Handpainted Fantasy Eyes, Skins, Hair and Clothing. These Drow skins have one basic color, but there are a few different tattoos naturally on them. It's in Yeol (79, 241, 70), and I can't recall if the demos are free or $1.

Nef said...

Thank you Adalia! I'm going to investigate those right away, that sounds ideal (yay for only one skin tone o.o)