Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Midnight Masks

The Midnight Masquerade is over, and so I present you with the elegant and beautiful pair of Midnight Masks, Nacht and Nuit:

Both "nuit" (pronounced noo-ee) and "nacht" (nahkt) mean night, in French and German respectively. The Midnight Masquerade demanded an elegant, regal and commanding pair of masks for truly resplendant party-goers... with over 50 people having wanted to come to this party and having had 2 months to get ready, I had to have something worthy of them.

I'm very happy with Nacht as a male mask, and I think you guys out there will not be able to complain that I don't have any masculine masks. I finally have a proper male shape (thanks to Polly Pavlova) to fit Nacht to, however I'm not sure how it will fit with other male faces so I will be listening for feedback about him. The mask shape on this one has a more pronounced brow, as well as a larger nose, and should definitely have a much better fit than my other ones. It's stark, yet ornate, and stern yet romantic. I'm really proud and happy with how it turned out. But it's sadly overshadowed.

Oh with Nuit... where to begin. I'm having a love affair with this mask, but then again it makes me feel like Princess Amidala. But then it's so gorgeous. But then I can't wear it with too many hair styles... Such is the curse of the truly fabulous mask, hair choices become far slimmer, and so I suggest you have a rudimentary knowledge of modification when it comes to hair before you buy this mask. The detail and stunning effect of this mask is worth the work though, and it definitely as a powerful effect over one's avatar. If you'd like to try before you buy, that's actually possible, as I have demos out for these two beautiful masks, and I'm working towards having demos for more of them.

It really made me happy to make these, and with them and the beautiful feathers by Jen you can expect more, including hopefully some remakes of old classics, as well as just a new dazzling array of plumed masks. I'm really looking forward to them, especially now that I've just completed two very large projects.....

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