Sunday, October 28, 2007

They... have arrived.

The infamous they.

What have you seen and been tantalized with on Flickr, what have I teased and dangled before you and said "oh, I'm working on that" and then continued on silently, without update and with your chewing off your fingers hoping against hope that maybe today, maybe this would be the day they could be yours!!

Save those fingers dear, no more waiting... for they are here.

The beautiful, the tantalizing, the absolutely grueling to make and yet absolutely stunning fully prim, sculpted angel wings. At 80 prims each (160 together), any poorer computer system might wince at all of the sculpties, yet slog though the spheres dutifully to get to the beauty underneath.

As I've mentioned so many times, not too long ago I commissioned feathers from Jen Shikami. I wanted beautiful alpha feathers, and maybe a couple of textures for random sculpt feathers that would be thrown in as backing, not really that important... She IM'd me after she had been working on them and said "you know, I think I like these better than the alphas". Not being able to believe her, I tried them myself and sure enough... they were beautiful. Making alpha flicker a thing of the past, these beautiful sculpted feathers could be worn with alpha heavy hair, layered together endlessly and most of all... form beautiful wings. These have been a long time coming, I've loved wings and tried making wings for a long time, and after I got the feather textures I had to make it real. Thanks to Miriel Enfield, these are available much sooner, as she gave me the use of a mirroring script. I've never before used any building aids, yet the rotations were so irregular I was desperate for help. Modifying Jen's beautiful textures brought forth dazzling colors (10 in all), and encouraging words from the people who saw them and wore them kept me going. And so here they are, finally, available to you. They're sold in color packs, starting at 450 for the black and white pairs (2 positions, 2 sizes), 550 for the three Phoenix colors, 850 for the five color pack, and 1500 for all of them. As the picture says, they aren't scripted, but they are incredibly unique, beautiful, and most of all, attention getting. I couldn't go anywhere in these wings without being asked about them, and after giving them to a friend or two, I started having to request that they not wear them, as I was starting to feel very pressured by all of the IM's by folks who had inspected the wings, come to my store, and found them not for sale.

These might not flap as you soar around, or fold in when you land, or flutter gently... but they will look close enough to real that you want to bury your face in them, pet the feathers, and feel soft tickles when your lover embraces you in them. Feathered wings should have weight, depth, and heft, and should look like they could carry you across the heavens. By that definition, they are everything they should be.

Go forth and be beautiful, angelic, fiery, dark, or however you wish to fly.

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