Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Year on SL

On Sunday, Kriket Pimpernel and I both shared our one year Second Life anniversaries! Happy Rezday to us! I threw a fabulous purple party last minute on the purple pirate ship the Indigo Rose.

Folks came and wore purple to celebrate, on clothes and as skin o.o! But since it was Kriket's rezday too, blue was allowed since that's her color. I suppose sharing a rezday makes us slisters! The cake was chocolate, and was oh so delicious and moist.

An incredible amount of things have changed this year for me, my career plans, my lifestyle, my drive and most especially my self esteem. I feel more confident, talented, and in control of my life than I ever have been, and I can thank the people that I've met and the customers who have appreciated my work for all of it. I can't believe I'm making a living now doing something I love this much.

The Deviant Kitties sim is open, and so I've been officially taking a bit of a break as I recuperate. I've been catching up on shopping, and it was really nice to do a bit of dj'ing and inventory sorting and SOCIALIZING (zomg talking to people) after my self imposed hermit-ness over working on the sim. There have been rave reviews, and Hely is still getting compliments on it, which make me giggle and be happy. As I like to say, lovin' creates the Makeyjuice that keeps the Siyumachine running. The wings are coming along well, and so are those ears I mentioned a while ago (remember those?) The skull has been driving me crazy, I can't get the textures to wrap properly so i need to give it a rest.

So much done in one year... and yet so much left to do!! Here's to one year, and may it be the first of many.


Miriel Enfield said...

Happy rezday!

Anonymous said...

Great dynamic photos. Meissa will love that last pic, I bet. :D It was a really fun party... thank you both!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do love that pic. Nice shots. Although you should have shown off that cake. ;)