Saturday, October 20, 2007

You just never realize how tired and drained you are from something until it's over, and you're asleep. There was a lot of cleaning to do around my apartment after I finished the sim, and my eyes have been hurting with some sinus congestion going on, so rather than get sick I decided to do some sleeping! However, I did manage to get on to continue working on the wings, and I've finished them spread and folded, sized for women. I also did colors as well, some basics and then some really kick ass gradients that I think will be really popular. I still need to size them for men, but at this point that's all I need to do before I release them. Not too much longer now!

Gah, I know the skulls were supposed to be released by now, I'm having some serious trouble getting the texture to wrap properly, and I haven't just dug in my heels and worked it through. I'll tell you what, if I can't manage to get them out the week before halloween, I'll put the hell set out for free and make eeeveryone happy :D But that's no reason to try and will me not to finish them :P

I did a really fun voice interview with Daphne Abernathy and Tamara Kirshner of "Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara". They're releasing it as a podcast, but you can hear an .mp3 when it's all done. They said probably next week. It was really great to just chat to them afterwards, we talked about really random fashion things and I got to hear a reaction to my giving surprises to someone for once!

Caliah Lyon also got me thinking about something so deliciously couture I don't want to jinx it by mentioning it here. *zips lip*

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