Thursday, June 5, 2008

Phew! Wow...

Ok, so I've been working on the apartment castle, trying to mix things up a bit and make it more interesting, and just reached a nasty rut. The indomitable Miriel Enfield helped me out without even realizing it, because that lovely lady has been slaving over the perfect thing... sculpted cliffs. And since they're made by Miriel, they're gorgeous. I love them... now I just need to figure out how to use them to my best advantage. It got me out of my rut a little bit, but I still needed to let that damn castle take a break while I went to other things. I took a day long break and played Guild Wars, which was really refreshing and gave me the oomph I wanted to work today. And today I was able to pick up the pirate boots again. I made a whole lot of progress, I've finished the sculpted shapes for the shoes themselves and I managed to make the texture satisfactory, especially on the high heeled version. And ohhh my, I did a little additional detail that is absolutely delicious. I did boot straps!! And they rock! They do they do. They're hella sassy.

I've also finished a couple of pirate hats, I've just been waiting on releasing them until I have a few others to join them, maybe even put them out with the boots. Oh! And I finished the Volto Maschio remake, I just need to take pictures for them and get them out. The fit is vastly superior to the old one, as is the shape. It definitely has a more masculine feel. I touched up the texture just a little, made the shading more silky rather than matte so when I put out that one, I'll be quietly upgrading the female ones as well. That one I'll hopefully have done tomorrow.

Just so much to do O.o

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