Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stand and Deliver!

After I had remade the Bauta cloak, I was having a lot of fun with the base of it. Once you have the cape prims and the flexi all sorted, it makes things a lot easier to make a few versions of it. So I did! Here's the open cloak, a bit like the original.

Pretty simple, but with a nice high sculpted collar to hide cozily in. This is pretty much the same cloak as the bauta one, just open and with a more finished collar. However, I did have a little fun with this next one.

I've always adored the triple caped coats of the late 18th century and I finally get to have one! It has the sleeves from my coque feather coat, with a bolero cut jacket underneath the coat so that the back has coverage as the prims move with the flexi. It has yummy sculpted cuffs too and it's very elegant for an evening out at the opera or perhaps an evening stroll around Caledon.

Yay for coats!

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