Sunday, June 29, 2008

Piratey Goodness Part II

Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Part two of Piratey Goodness is finally out, me scallywags. Here be the boots I labored long and hard over, enjoy 'em ye lime suckin' brigands!

Avast, check these out! These are simple, calf high yummy turned down cuff boots that look comfortable and stylish. They come with or without bootstraps, which were actually invented to help hold down the area around the top of the ankle, which had to be sewn loose in order to let the foot slide in and accommodate it. So instead of being all loose about the ankle, you could strap 'em in to make sure they wouldn't slide off lest ye find yourself overboard. These actually weren't that troublesome. A couple of tweaks for fit and to get the right look and I was set and happy. It was these that drove me madder than a hatter.

I won't ever belittle a perfect knee joint seam. Aiyeeeeeee!! Texture after texture, try after try, I simply couldn't get where the two sculpts at thigh and lower leg met up to look like a solid piece. Finally, after sculpt after sculpt and hundreds of lindens in upload fees, I managed it. Every now and then as you move it can still be seen, but from most stationary poses that don't twist the legs horribly they're fine. And dayem, they're sexy, and much more shape hugging than the old boots. Yes, despite how smoking hot they look on a woman they look fine on men, haha. Both of these boot sets are available in four different cuff styles, and three different heel heights, so you definitely have your options! You're pretty much building your own pair of boots to your own specifications.

In the original Piratey Goodness line I had a pair of matching gloves, and with this remake I took that a bit farther, and made gloves that matched the different cuff styles!

Plus, an added bonus or maybe just trivia, I actually made the glove texture for this this time and I'm proud, because of how difficult clothing textures are for me.

Wait a second... Wow, what's that hat in that picture? That looks really good...

MUAHAHA!!! Cap'n Jack is back. The wonderfully weather worn, beat up, eaten by a leviathan and spit back up again, lost at the bottom of the sea and resurfaced hat that can go through anything went through a remake as well. I even made the sculpt especially thin and crinkly and asymmetrical to portray the beat-up and utterly miserable feel of a hat that's been through it all. This time, it's texture changing to a dark weather worn leather (shown), a warmer brown tone, white/silvery gray and a nice roughed up black.

If you weren't so distracted by the hat in the gloves picture, you might have noticed a belt as well

Yes! A new arrival that wasn't in the original collection! It was requested quite a bit though, and before I had made an extremely simple belt that I couldn't bear to sell. This one, however, I pulled out all of the stops with. It includes a detailed flintlock pistol, a pair of dueling daggers, and a frog. No, not the amphibian, it's a leather belt doohicky used to hold one's rapier. I didn't include a rapier as I figured people would want to use their own, and it certainly doesn't appear lacking without it. Personally, I've been using Laces and Steel's "Saviolo" rapier, and it looks perfect. But for those who'd rather have the simpler things in life, I made a version of this belt without so many doohickies, that simply has the frog and a ring and is without the daggers and pistol. But for those who think that more is more, I made an "add-on" pack that includes the pouch, compass, and spyglass that you see pictured. It also has a copy of the pistol in brass and in silver so you can carry it without having to pull it off of the belt!

Yes, I'm a wicked, wicked woman who's after your lindens. I offer you this last parting shot.

If you feel yourself getting a stomach cramp, pop this on your head and strut about. On second thought, maybe not, you don't want to be sent to Elba! This has the same color change cockade as the Chapeau de Bras, and comes from an earlier period. This one is based off of a bicorn that Napoleon himself wore, hence the name.

This was obviously the bulk of my work, but depending on how my whim moves me, there might be a Piratey Goodness part trois, which will/would include even more hats.

Because I really love hats ♥


Anonymous said...

More stuufs to spend my monies on!

I'm in your store... buyin' your stuff.

Anonymous said...

The boots look stunning. I can't decide who want to see them most on: myself or Ran. ;)

But I have to be a little bother and as if they may possibly get demos sometime in the future? I've got these short & sturdy legs, you see. ;)

Terry Toland said...

I want a jar of dirt~!
I want a jar of dirt~!
I want a jar of dirt~!
And Siyu should make it!

XD Sorry, had to throw that out there. <3

Anonymous said...

holy wow!! what a release!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! They're sexy boots.

Anonymous said...

And I meant to ask, what hair is that you're wearing in the gloves picture?

Nef said...

Thanks you guys, I'm so glad it's all finally out, this stuff has been brewing for ages :)

The hair in the gloves pic is the same in the Cap'n Jack one, it's "Zombie Dreads" by Gritty Kitty. It comes with a cowboy hat that I unlinked, underneath is just a big bald spot which is conveniently hidden by the hat ;)

Ran said...

Not only do the boots look very, very nice (though I second the request for demos!), but I can't help but notice the shirt in the pirate gloves ad. The pinned up sleeves look awesome.

Is that one of your own, and are they released yet? :)

The belt, BTW, is wonderful. Already linked it up with a very nice rapier I have, and it looks brilliant.

Tammy said...

I just found this site & I want to know, where is the link to your shop? I can't find it & I want to buy the belt & a pair of boots.

Siyu said...

Hey Tammy! there's a SLurl in the sideline right near the top, where it says "visit Illusions in world". If you saw this entry on a feed though, here's a direct link :)

Tammy said...

Thank you, Siyu.