Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Phantom!

He's cool, he's suave, he's romantic. Oh, and I also remade the Phantom of the Opera mask. The dashing Armando is modeling this new improved version, which is based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber version. The original vision of the author (Gaston Lereux) was actually a hideous and macabre vision of a skull and a very scary zombie man. Hardly the yummy hunk of man that is my male alt. But Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted there to be more romantic tension and he wanted to have a male star in his musical that women could fawn over and fill the seats with, and so he changed it to a handsome young stud and removed half of the macabre mask so that people could see the sexy better. It also was an aid to the narrative, as you could now see the actor's expressions and read his feelings better. This is the mask that has become synonymous with the Phantom.

(Still workin' on pirate stoof. Don't rush meeee!)


Sai Pennell said...

Armando as the Phantom! *swoons* :P

Terry Toland said...

Wheee~! Now, to find a reason to get my man in it...

And just a thought, it might be cool to see a 'phantom line' or sorts, where the different Phantom masks are available.

...That might be too much sexy, though. X3 Great job, Siyu! <3