Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I moved my build spot! Not big news, I know, but it has never moved in the entire time I've lived on this island. Not even a couple of meters to the left. It's now at the hobbit hole, behind the waterfall, and my former build spot has a couple of hammocks set up to be a peaceful sitting area.

I completely scrapped the apartment castle thing completely. It just wasn't working and I was really unhappy with the look of it. I want something that feels a bit more natural and moves better with the land. Also, I really just love enormous trees. So, I stole Jen Shikami's idea a bit, and made an absolutely huge base of a tree in the northwest corner, and I think I'll try making castle towers with rope bridges slung across. That's the general idea anyway.

I'm starting to get to the point where I just want to release everything, sans boots, and give up on making it all one release. They're just throwing me down for the count and even now, where I'm reasonably happy with them there's still something off.


Anonymous said...

Treeeeeees! yay! They are simply my favorite things--possibly in both worlds.

Good luck with the boots! It's really up to you what to release when. I can't wait to get a peek at what's in the works :)

▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Hope things go smooth with the move! BTW, Siyu, my wife (Ravenelle Zugzwang) really likes your swan mask, she wears it as a character named "Ducky"... have you seen her videos @ Flickr?

Nef said...

Thanks Torley! The machinima I saw were beautiful, your piano solo for the mermaid one was lovely! I sent your Linden and Olmstead personas a new hat :)