Sunday, June 8, 2008

Feel Lucky?

ZOMG New stuff in the lucky chair!

Most of these are things are little favors or scraps that I made for friends or myself at some random point, or that you might have seen around the island, like the lillies!

Enough people have asked me about those, to buy or for me to put them out, so I figured the lucky chair might be a good spot to put them :) I also had too many male/female items in the old lucky chair, so that if a guy got the fur stole or the Audrey Hat it wasn't too thrilling. I've avoided this as best I could be using only unisex items!

These I made from sculpts I created for my skull, which is still a work in progress, just abandoned for the moment. But in the meantime, you can nibble on necks or nom on a mouse.

When I made my punky ears I made the little safety pins, and someone asked in Fashion Emergency about plain safety pin earrings. I realized that I had them pretty much made, so I passed them to the person who had asked. They languished in my inventory for a while before I realized they're perfect for the chair!

Another Fashion Emergency call, I think it was Voshie Paine who asked about floppy bunny ears. Apparently, ones that lay just along the head are few and far between, and I offered to make her a pair since it wouldn't take too long. Again, they languished in my inventory after I had passed them to her. Yet here they get to see the daylight once more!

And the last one, which is my favorite:

This is a set of four masks, both the Columbina and Civetta shapes with a male and female version for each. When I set out masks I prefer to have a new and original shape, this is just a retexture. But it's a really cool retexture which is why it's in here :D

There may be more items to come as I clean out my inventory, so don't feel sad if there's nothing you like here. I'm working on it ♥

Enjoy you guys, and good luck!

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Sai Pennell said...

OMG, this is just too awesome :D

As soon as SL lets me log in, I will be heading to Illusions to camp out in front of the chair and clean inventory ^^