Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Revised Release of Remade Relics

I've been quiet but far from idle. I've just been holding my cards to my chest, and by cards I mean masks!

First up, my very first "event masks" made especially for the Midsummer's Night's Eve party of last year (speaking of, I need to set a date for my next party, that's coming up, sorry to keep you waiting). The originals used the old civetta and columbina bases which were rough and ill-fitting, and so have been remade with the latest base masks and fit much, much better. Also tidied up the textures, neatened up the details, tightened up the tiny prims and tweaked their royal little heads.

These are still unscripted, as I like to preserve my artistic vision in these with a specific look and color. That's the way I like to keep my super special event masks, my chance to play picky artist.

Next up are a couple of blasts from the pasts, from the very first retirement sale. I also apologize for not releasing these sooner, I really have no excuses.

Not much structural tweaking needed, just some texture work to again, tidy up, neaten up, and make them cleaner. The Swan Mask used to have seams for goodness sake! And the clockwork mask was all one texture, just tinted differently! That's been changed, and definitely for the better. The Swan Mask is now available in black or white, while the clockwork mask is available in that nice warm copper color or cold silvery steel.

Lastly, for my list of lovely remade treasures, the Bauta is back! I know how much everyone loved this one, but there was a lot wrong with the old one. Stiff movement, rough textures, prim overlap problems and a sort of awkward look at times in the shoulders. Not to mention, it was historically innacurate. Being the daughter of a history buff who helped make it a past time to point out anachronisms in movies I simply couldn't let that stand. So the new Bauta is New and Improved: Now With Lowered Innacuracy!

The real Venetian bautas are actually completely closed, and not a lick of hair or clothes would show. It truly was the ultimate disguise, and you could truly be anyone at all under there, all that could possibly reveal you is the quality of the material of your cloak and hat, or perhaps a pair of shoes. I've also now included a female version, which has a larger base to give the illusion of a dress underneath, and has more slender shoulders than the broad male cloak. As you can also see it also has a "guise" piece, which attaches to the skull and completely covers your hair, and includes the hat and covering scarf piece. The mask also has been tweaked from the original, to have the sharper more prominent features and the square shape that is just so distinctive of them. There's also a fun little tidbit I didn't mention on the vendor board (but it's on a notecard included with the set) that if you type "/5" before something you want to say, it will make you speak as the "Mysterious Cloaked Figure". Just for that extra oomph of perfect anonymity!

I know that there are some people who will be missing the line and amount of coverage that the original bauta cloak provided, which is why I am planning on releasing a "highwayman's cloak" that will have an open front and hopefully the same amount of flare. Still working on more piratey goodness, but I'd like to put it out all at once.

Now at least you know I've been spending my time well!

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