Friday, May 9, 2008

I've been rushing to get pirate hats and the bauta and the new venetzias and goodness, so much done, and I've set myself the goal of having a release by Saturday of something, hopefully some pirate hats and other things.

Most of the remakes are going to be scripted with the texture changer, which means you'll have more options all rolled into one, but also means I'll be pricing them a bit higher. Especially in the case of the new Venetzias, there will be 18 different colors with different metal trim options all in one single mask, so rather than paying 100L or so for one, I'm think the new ones will be somewhere around 300, based on the level of incredible detail I squeezed out. And allow me to say... heh, I love teeny weenie itsy bitsy mini dinni tiny finy sculpted prims. I made a special sculpted sphere that's smaller than one tenth of a normal sphere. That's the sort of fine detail I'm talkin' about.

It's so much less work to just make a script and throw it in, and have an instant, flexible, easily accessed fatpack than to have so many color options to do permissions for and labels for and pictures for. However, it's not that easy on people who have a tight budget, so I'm still open to the idea of selling the scripted mask as a sort of deluxe model. However, I don't think the new Venetzias are going to be budget masks in the first place.

Speaking of textures, let me just say the colors and the quality of these for the new Civetta and Columbina are just beautiful. I've grouped them into royal jewel tones and pastels, and they really are very rich and very sumptuous. I'm looking forward to seeing them everywhere, frankly :D

Now I'm going to bed!

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