Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welp, the sale is over, and I was hoping to have had some new releases for ya but that's just not how the muse moved me. I've completed and got one mask ready for release though, a new design that Nicky Ree actually asked me about making to match a dress she's made, She's also having hair and jewelry made to match which will all be gorgeous I'm sure, just the end result is I have a mask I can't release until she gives the all clear.

Since folks have already correctly guessed my hai-clues (tehe), I might as well say officially that my mysterious collection's theme is "shaman". I've been working on antlers and animal masks (most recently wolf and fox), and as I make more items I'll be writing more haikus and more folks will have a chance to win a free item by guessing :D I have some really fun plans for the antlers especially, and I can say with confidence that you simply will not be able to avert your eyes from my glorious rack :)~

I also set up something new on the island... my friend Jen Shikami who I've mentioned here numerous times has told me a lot about her fishing game 7Seas, but until today I had simply never had a chance to try it out. It seems I was blessed, because it's darn addictive!! The most fun part of it for me is finding and wearing the adorable fish that she's made for it. And since she has a passion for marine biology in her first life, it's actually kind of educational! As long as you suspend your cynicism when you see a devil ray with a little pitchfork.

I've set up a fishing area down by the Indigo Rose if you'd like to try it out and end up spending a lot of your time there ;)

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