Thursday, May 1, 2008

Illusions on!

So apparently, my friends whispered about this, it was a bit like a ghost sighting, an IM saying "I saw your wings on the Second Life homepage!" and of course when I would rush excitedly to see, well.. there was nothing but the usual homepage pictures talking about meeting new people etc. So I just sort of assumed that it was a fluke or a Flickr picture or just something that happened so rarely it was of no use or anything to be celebrated. Well, until Kriket caught this elusive and flitting happenstance via screenie!

I still haven't seen it for myself, but obviously it finally feels more real. They cycle through different pictures and different little themed "buy a home!" "make new friends!" "go shopping!" promos, and that's all I've ever seen every single time I've refreshed trying to find it. But now, I can say "OMG MY WINGS ARE ON THE SECOND LIFE HOMEPAGE! OMG OMG OMG"

Now if only I could get them to post their fashion information and sneak into the showcase >:D


Hatsune Yoshikawa said...

It only seems to appear for me if I'm logged out - the home page for unregistered users is different.

Terry Toland said...

See, I get it when I'm logged-out, as it's one of the images used to attract people. They should have started using images of Siyu's stuff sooner. ;)

Nef said...

Ohhhh I logged out AND I FINALLY SAW IT! AAAH! Those are MIIIINE!


Wow, they really like Armidi don't they? Lol

I'm really glad they upped the bars for the quality of their models, and I'm just preening over here that they picked my stuff, muahahaha!