Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Promotional Pictures!

The past couple of days since I've gotten back from my weekend away have been full of administrative dullness. Taking care of vendor glitches, misbehaving scripts, custom ear skin tone requests, failed deliveries, etc etc. I really haven't been able to accomplish anything worth blogging. That is, until I finally got around to doing my new promotional pictures! I had to retire the old ones because they showed the old Columbina Venetzia, and it bugs me when I see retired things in promotional pictures because it's tantalizing and confusing. So I sat down, figured out what I wanted to wear that expressed my branding the best, and shot some pictures!

Oh my gosh, what's that on my head? Wow, those look awesome... Muahahaha. That, speaking of tantalizing, is from my Shaman collection, and I threw that in there to tease. Oh don't worry they're coming out, they're coming out, I'm just making more options and more varieties for it and you vill love zem.

I also wrangled up and sorted out some stuff that needs to be released, so that could be coming out either later tonight or tomorrow. Yaaay STUFF!

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