Saturday, May 10, 2008

Civettas and Columbinas, Yet Another Revision!

I just can't leave well enough alone.

Well, since I robbed people of some of their very favorite masks when I discontinued the two Venetzia masks (and robbed myself even because now I have to do new promos), I've decided what my first post-sale release will be. I didn't even mean to revise the current civetta and columbina, it just happened when I realized how much better I had gotten at fitting to avatar faces and how superior my textures are now.

See how silky that looks? And thanks to Ziggy's texture changer, fatpacks are a thing of the past, and you can change the color of your mask with your mood and a touch. Because the "single" masks are now essentially fatpacks, there has been a price increase (sorry). Rather than the 75L of a single v2 civetta or columbina, these are 155L, but it includes eighteen different colors! And they fit better than ever, I've now included a male and female fit (and even male and female demos!) as vendor options so that they really ARE unisex. I'm really excited about these as simple, core masks, and I'm planning on doing a lot of little variations like them. Frankly, it's the texture, it's just too silky and the colors are too rich and nummy.

Oh, yes, the Venetzias. I teased you the other night by going on and on about teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polka dot prims and I wasn't lying. When I first imagined the Venetzias it was this sumptuous and rich and delicate scrollwork, and a year ago I suppose the one that you're familiar with cut it. Well, it didn't cut it for my perfectionist self anymore, nosiree. A new year, a new mask, and truly a year's work ahead of the others.

A gaze into those smoky adorned eyes makes me fall in love with this mask. If you haven't already just keep looking.

The detail on these really is extremely intricate, with over seventy prims and almost all of them technically impossible. A single venetzia mask includes all eighteen colors plus six different material choices for trim, the same as the elven ears and the elven jewelry. Again, with the fatpack-all-in-one-thing there's been a price hike, and rather than 125L they're 275L, but well worth every little linden. Here's a detail shot for you guys who can't get to a demo:

Click that and it should give you a bigger version.

Now I just need to redo my promotional materials!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you were right. They are WAAAAAAAYYYYY cool. I love the detail work on the Venetzia! When can I get one in real life?


Anonymous said...

SIYU! I figured this would be the quickest way to tell you -- your wings are in the photo for an article in Time!,8599,1739601,00.html

That's the same photo I saw on the front page of SL at some point... they must've snagged it from there!